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The best experience with Hanoi food tour
If you are in Hanoi or planning to visit Hanoi, You must try Hanoi Street foods
Itinerary Foodie tour
Depart at 10.30AM or 5.30PM
Hanoi Old Quater where a new word of happy & interesting land for your discovery. Around the old  town, our skill guide will help you understand & taste your own Vietnamese cuisine.
Walking through the maze of bustling streets that make up Hanoi’s Old Quarter, we tempt our tastebuds with the famed Hanoi dish BanhCuon at a local eatery. Watch in awe as the skilled chefs demonstrate for you how this tasty dish is put together. Continuing into the atmospheric heart of the Old Quarter, we wander past street stalls and quiet residential lanes where you can observe local life that has changed little since Hanoi was founded over 1000 years ago.
Our next two snack stops are at outdoor barbecue stalls. We sit down with the Hanoi locals and sample various meat, vegetable and bread specialties that are flame grilled over hot coals for extra flavor.  It’s then time for dessert as we venture down a small alley to join in the local tradition of feasting on fresh fruit served in a cup and smothered with crushed iced and condensed milk – this specialty is one not to be missed!
Hanoi Journey guide will then take you to one of Hanoi’s best kept secrets, a hidden street food restaurant to taste top ten street foods in Hanoi is Banh My Hanoi, Vietnamese Rice Wine and famous Egg Coffee. This hard-to-find café is one of the few left in the narrow street inside the old quarter of Hanoi. Or, if coffee is not your style, a cold beer awaits! Beside this, our guide can choose for you among this show, such as: Bún chả ( rice noodles with grilled pork), Mỳ trộn (mixed vermicell), Phở bò (Rice noodles with beef), Phở gà ( rice noodles with chicken), Bún ốc ( rice noodles with snails), Bánh cuốn (steamed rice pancakes rolled with pork), Bánh gối (mushroom pillow cake), Nem cuốn (spring roll), Nộm hoa chuối ( Banana flower salad), Bánh xèo (Fried pancake), Chè (Sweet gruel soup), Trà đá (iced tea) is the way tourist should not missed out when exploring Hanoi. At the end of the trip you are free to continue exploring the area or your guide will assist  you with directions or a taxi back to your hotel.
  • Best list of street food (chosen carefully), from 6-8 dishes among hundred of cuisine list (*Note: food tastes are the subject to change without notice)
  • Food subs: for vegetarian we offer special diet such as: no fish, no meat..
  • Enthusiastic and skilled English tour guide
  • Pick up and Drop off (Old Quater only)
  • Tipping for tour guide is not compulsory but and it depend on your satisfaction
  • Personal expenses: shopping and other extra services
  • Differences found in your own way:
Small group for touching hearts
Thousand years of Hanoi Old Quater
The local life in your own eyes
Mythical streets for heaven of foods
Your own way of discovery
Your whole trip is full of love
Pradise of street food for your own tastes
Nothing all, but very fantastic short time tour we can help you right
Let explore Hanoi food culture!