Danang has grown from a mid-size city into a large resort town, thanks to the development of multiple beach properies facing the ocean. Danang beach often makes its name to famous world travel magazine, and a top destination among Vietnam’s must-visit. There are multiple domestic and international flight connecting Danang with other cities, and the airport is just 7km from most beach resort, making it a convenient stop for your summer.



Over View

Danang beach refers to long stretch of 30km white sand and clear water of Da Nang, starting from Monkey Mountain to Hoi An’s outskirt, with Marble Moutain at the rough center. Locally, Danang Beach is comprised of many different sections called different name such as My Khe, My An, Non Nuoc and Cua Dai. However, this article will focus on My Khe, My An and Non Nuoc, which are considered as beaches of Da Nang. This is neither the largest beach in Vietnam, but it is recognized internationally by appearing on American Business Magazine Forbes as one of the six most charming beaches on the planet and attracts thousands of people every year.

It is also ranked as one of world’s top 10 Asian best beaches by Sunday Herald Sun – the Australian magazine. Danang Beach has wonderful stretches of white soft sand, crisp sunshine and pure air together with idyllic lines of coconut palm trees, providing perfect shades for sunbathing. Beside the beach is the Kinh river with its super clear water flowing into the sea and behind lies the dark green poplar forest, making up the gorgeous setting. What is more, the beach is also endowed with lovely coral, ample greenery and creatures both under sea and along the bank.

Best time to visit

My Khe Beach is famous for its rather mild weather suitable for vacation at anytime of the year. However, the best time for swimming is from May to July, when the sea stays calmest and most peaceful. During that period, because sea water in My Khe has mild gentle waves and a mean temperature of 25 Celsius, it makes a perfect spot for swimming even for kids. At other time of year, the water can get rough. However, if you are not fuzzy about swimming and just looking for a rest with the blissful combination of beer, seafood and idyllic nature, then you can visit My Khe beach anytime.

If you are planning to enjoy some surfing, then you may consider travelling to My Khe Beach from around mid September to December. In contrast with the summer time, this period offers large enough waves and thus good consistent surf. Do check out surf report before heading to the beach as the weather can be sometimes hard to predict just by observing. Also, do take advantage of the morning as the wind conditions then are most suitable for surfing. Although the winter weather can be dangerous, it is compensated for the large breakers, which are ideal for surfing as long as you are alert.

How to get there

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