Hue is not only known for its Forbidden city, royal food and colorful festival. There are plenty of quiet and enticing beach nearby the city as Thuan An. If you look for a change, consider Hue for a beach stay.




Thuan An Beach is situated roughly 15km northeast of Hue and is on the spectacular Tam Giang – Cau Hai Lagoon near the mouth of Huong River. Because Thuan An is within easy reach from Hue city, it is the top beach choice for the local people, especially during the summer months when the temperature can be as high as 40 Celsius and getting away from the heat by going swimming at the beach is the best option.

Thuan An beach does not possess heavenly scenic nature like many other top beaches of Vietnam. However, what it lacks in picturesque nature, it makes up for being a fun, locally friendly and enjoyable beach experience. During the crowded days of summer, Thuan An is lively with packs of local people, vendors scattered around, friends and families cheering with glasses of beer together with seafood and kids shouting merrily. All these fun and animated scenes of local people will promise you an authentic experience of the contemporary Vietnam. The beach is an exciting place for tourists after visiting pagodas, tombs, temples and other scenery of Hue city.

Although Thuan An’s nature cannot be compared with that of famous beaches in Vietnam, it is still a nice and pleasant beach with long stretch of sand and especially splendid sunset. What is more, the road leading to Thuan An from the city center is particularly poetic with the quaint countryside village views, interesting pagodas and immense rice paddies.

Best time to visit Thuan An

The beach attracts most locals and tourists during the summer months of May, June, July and August. This is partly because the high temperature of 40 Celsius can be unbearable for staying in the city all time without air conditioning. Furthermore, other months of Hue is likely to be covered with rains combined with wind chill. Typhoons are also a big problem for the middle area of Vietnam, whose presence is particularly strongest from November to March. Therefore it is recommended that you should not plan your trip to Thuan An during those months. Even if you are not caught in the middle of a mild typhoon, the wind would probably be too cold and the sea water would likely be too rough to enjoy. To sum it up, the summer months are still the best time to enjoy one’s time at this lively beach Thuan An.

How to get there

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