As one is about to land at Nha Trang airport, he/she will be totally awed by the blue water of Nha Trang’s beach. The Bay is among the world’s top 10 and there are many affordable resorts and hotels ideal for long stay around the Bay. Nha Trang makes an excellent choice for both families and couples and promise a trip to remember.



Over View

Nha Trang Beach is the most famous beach in Vietnam for both blissful nature and the touristy enthusiastic atmosphere. Nha Trang nature is endowed with not only for the crystal-like waters and the pristinely white sand of Nha Trang’s 6 km beach but also for the many idyllic surrounding islands, which will definitely guarantee you an exotic get-away from the bustling city. The rather peaceful yet energetic modern city brimming with tall green mountains in the background lie along the gently curved stretch of dazzling white sand . This perfect combination of human construction and natural beauty comes together with the amazingly clear water, colliding with the vast blue sky at the faraway horizon, which makes up the one of most spectacular settings of the country. Owing to the demand for tourism, the beachfront has gone under many makeovers for the past few years, with well looked after pretty parks, interestingly creative sculpture gardens and long lines of neatly prune trees rarely seen anywhere else spread along the shorefront. These parks and gardens serve as an ideal alternative to the beach as a place for a romantic long walk.

Best time to visit

You can enjoy your stay at NhaTrang any time during the dry season from Febuary to early October. NhaTrang’s weather is generally cool, moderate and has a soothing feeling owing to surrounding water. The temperature is around 25-17 Celsius for the dry seasons except the two hottest months of the year – July and August, when the temperature during the day can climb up to 40-42 Celsius.

The only time to avoid is the rainy season, which often sees heavy rains, violent storms, wind chill and even some risk of typhoon devastation at the heart of the rainy reason. Those who visit NhaTrang during this time of the year are strongly advised to keep abreast of the local weather forecast to make plans accordingly.

As long as you don’t travel from October to end of January, you will certainly see the clear blue water as advertised on the tourist brochure. However, summers are a bit hotfor many tourists not from tropical countries, especially during the months of July and August. They are, nevertheless, the most suitable months for photography lover, ecotourism, ocean tourism and water sports. Also, if your trip is firmly scheduled for July and August, then you might want to consider Hon Ba as your priority item on the attraction list as the cool climate from the mountain will help you fight back the heat. For those who want to avoid the humidity and the scorching heat, you can visit before the end of Jun when you can still enjoy clear blue sky and crystal-like water.

What is more, if you are into diving, you will want to avoid any time between late October and early January, which is the worst time for diving. For any month, before 1 pm is still the best time to spend on the beach as many may feel uncomfortable with the afternoon sea breezes, which will only back down after dark.

Things to do

Boat cruises

As mentioned earlier, Nha Trang scenic nature is blessed with more than 70 islands, some of which are truly gateway to heaven with their unspoiled idyllic charm. Therefore, taking an island-hopping boat cruise should be a priority on the list. Many of the package tours have trip to the most famous island such as Hon Tre, Hon Mieu and Hon Lao, which surely deserve your visit.

Diving & Snorkeling

NhaTrang is the premier water sport locale of Vietnam, especially for diving. This is owing to the sea water’s visibility up to 30m depending on the weather and the season.

There are a wide range of dive shops and dive sites within the area to choose from. Many of the dive operators offer diving lessons suitable for all level of experience as well.The lack of ship wrecks to visit is made up for the superb underwater caves to explore and the colorful variety of soft and hard corals as well as the pretty shoal of tiny reef fish.

• Amusement park

Right on the beachfront sits the Phu Dong water park. But the most fanciful amusement park status sure belongs to Vinpearl Land – NhaTrang’s response to Disneyland. It is, to be exact, an entertainment complex including amusement park, restaurants and resorts but is most well-known for its amusement park. It offers adrenalin raising rides, world-class water park, world’s longest over-the-sea cable car and biggest wave pool in Southeast Asia. Most hotels provide services to buy Vinpearl Land tickets but you can also buy the tickets yourself.

Hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloon ride used to be operated on Hon Tam island but was later moved to a new centernear Pham Van Dong Street. The hot air balloon rides are considered safe with standard protective net and handrails so you can perfectly rest you mind to enjoy the terrific panoramic view of the city and marvelous blue bay from height of 150 metres.

How to get there

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