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Hanoi Journey Free Tour Guides is a social non-profit organization founded and run by a group of students and ex-students since 2016

Our mission

– To give on-going support and assistance towards Vietnamese tourist industry.
– To better promote communication, cultural exchange among students and people of different countries.
– To offer a wider choice of employment for young people who are intended to acquire knowledge and develop their skills to their full potential.
– To provide an extensive access to education and vocational training for the poor, disadvantaged and contribute to the community empowerment.


1. Professionalism, experiences, honesty/friendly guide

To begin with, we have a further number of experiences in most famous and remarkable destinations across Vietnam, from rural, mountain and remote, coastal site. We can assure that people have an economical, interesting and memorable trip with our guide due to the fact that we have completed a careful preparation for list of destinations, accommodations, friendly small restaurant and the most impressive and significant information about tourist site.

Especially, we would like to provide people a professional service with prestige and trust at first. WE was recommended as a hanoi free tour guides tripadvisor

2. Relaxing and peaceful tour style

With the love of nature, I always have trend to support visitors to access to real and original life of local people instead of famous tourist destination only.

By the way, people have opportunity for directly work, live, do daily activities and enjoy pristine livings of native people.

3. Information I provide people in each tourist destination

I would like to concentrate on the most remarkable, memorable, impressive one such as real historic stories that people do not manage to access throughout searching on the internet. As a result, maybe that is my unique elements compared to other tour-guides

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