Bai Chay is an artificial beach, located along Ha Long Bay with a sandy beach with the length of more than 500m and width of 100m. This beach attracts a lot of tourists in the sea tourism season.

Bai Chay is a famous beach in northern Vietnam, located in Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long District, Quang Ninh Province. The topography is a low hill running to the sea, stretching more than 2km to embrace ancient pines, intermingled with hotels and small architectural villas.

The legend of the name

According to legend, Bai Chay Beach is the place where the troop of Mongolia troop invading Vietnam was burned by Tran Khanh Du and Tran dynasty army and drifted to shore. As many enemy ships were burnt, the North East wind blew fire to the west coast of Cua Luc, burning the dry forest. The forest which was burned is Bai Chay Beach today.

A folklore story holds that ships used to anchor on the west coast of Cua Luc. At the bottom and the side of the boat, there are often barnacles that can “eat” ships, so the fishermen have to collect and burn the casuarina leaves around the ships.

Standing at the side of Hon Gai or other places, people can see the fire burning here, so it is called Bai Chay. Bai Chay year-round welcome the sea breeze from outside the bay. On the asphalt road is the green trees, the small shops hidden under the casuarinas. Sea bathing visitors have the opportunity to enjoy seafood specialties. Sea wind here as the magic hand throws away your anxiety, depression.

Special beauty

Bai Chay is an artificial beach, but natural beauty is always present. The blue and clear sea water satisfy many people diving in the water. Walking on the sand stretches, inhaling the salty smell of the sea, looking up the gentle hill, what a lovely scenery! In the midst of summer sunshine, throw away worries, make your soul calm and add vitality to the next trip.

On the edge of the bay is the deep green of the casuarina on the white of long sand, creating a sense of peace and relaxation. Siting and enjoying the sunshine on the long sandy beach, watching the kids playing with sand is perfect for visitors of Halong Bay one Day Tours.

Interesting destinations

Come to Bai Chay with Halong Bay 3 Days 2 Nights in Ha Long Bay, your families and friends will have great choices of places to visit such as Bai Chay Beach, Halong Night Market, Bai Chay Bridge.

An equally important place when visiting Bai Chay is Halong night market. Here, visitors can enjoy the selection of souvenirs typical of the bay as wind chimes from shells, gulf paintings and especially coal art. The market starts at sunset when the sun is off and the light is turned up.

The next place is the Bai Chay bridge, where you can throw away all worries, chaos of life. The cable-stayed bridge Bai Chay there demonstrates the development of the Ha Long Bay. With the length of 1,106 m and 5 spans connecting Hon Gai and Bai Chay – two parts of Ha Long City through the mouth of Cua Luc River, the bridge is the belief of the people of Halong in general and Bai Chay people in particular.

Delicious specialties

Coming to the sea surely everyone is interested in fresh seafood. From shrimp, crabs, fish, to clams, shellfish, etc. all types are processed into many dishes. However, mentioning Bai Chay – Ha Long, people who find Vietnam Tourist Information cannot ignore the famous specialty Grilled Chopped Squid. Grilled Chopped Squid is not only in Bai Chay or Halong, but the Grilled Chopped Squid which is hand-refilled to achieve stringiness when fried up maybe only in this bay.

Besides, not only the specialty of Bai Chay but the characteristic delicacies of the surrounding areas are still in the territory of Ha Long is also available extremely diverse such as peanut worm, gat gu cake (a kind of cake look like pho), etc.

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