Ban Gioc Waterfall

Bringing the beauty of the majestic nature, the paradise of Ban Gioc can charm anyone who has ever heard about it. Ban Gioc is one of the most magnificent and beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam, not only that, it is ranked in the top beautiful waterfall paradise in the world. The Vietnam package Tours to Ban Gioc waterfall will give you an exciting and fresh experience.

Overview to Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall is located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, about 90 km from Cao Bang city and 400 km from Hanoi. Come to Ban Gioc waterfall, from far away, tourists have heard the roaring sound of the waterfall. From the height of over 30 m large blocks of water flow down through several steps of limestone. Between the waterfalls, there is a large rock covered with trees that cut the water into 3 streams like three white silk stripes.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is considered as the second largest cross-border waterfall in the world, located between the Vietnam-China border, divided into main waterfalls and subsidiary waterfalls, and separated by No. 53 border markers under the France-Thanh Convention in 1887. At present, the entire subsidiary waterfall belongs to the territory of Vietnam and. The main waterfall is divided into two parts.

The enchanting beauty

Ban Gioc Waterfall is known as one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Vietnam, where it can charm anyone, including the hard tourists.

The far ways and undeveloped tourist services have made the Ban Gioc waterfall not yet the best destination in Vietnam for many visitors, but the fresh beauty is the attraction of this majestic waterfall. People who have been to Ban Gioc waterfall cannot deny that this is a priceless gift that nature has bestowed on Cao Bang province in particular and Vietnam in general.

Wandering on the road north-east of the country in the journey to the scenic Ban Gioc, tourists will be surprised when crossing the winding road at the foot of the mountain, admiring the beauty of monumental mountains, of the poetic rivers, streams, and the green forests. The wildflowers blossoming along the road and peaceful scenery of the houses nestled at the foot of the mountain give to the soul of the traveler hard described feelings.

Cao Bang is majestic, also poetic and gentle. For the adventurous who enjoy the majestic natural scenery, the rainy season in the Ban Gioc waterfall is an experience should have in life.

The path leading to the Ban Gioc waterfall is winding around the mountainside and has many narrow corners. Fresh air and rich countryside scenery will make visitors be immersed.

The best time to travel to Ban Gioc

The climate in the Ban Gioc waterfall is divided into two distinct rainy – dry seasons. The rainy season starts from June to September. This is the time of the most magnificent Ban Gioc waterfall, waterfall massively poured, white foam. In the dry season, from October to May of next year, this time, Ban Gioc waterfall is quite peaceful, the blue water in combination with the golden rice crop at the foot of the waterfall creates an unforgettable scenery.

In fact, you do not have to worry about which season you have to travel to Ban Gioc falls to see the most beautiful scenery. The Ban Gioc waterfall every season has a unique beautiful feature. During the dry season (ie from October to May next year), the Ban Gioc waterfall is beautiful, gentle as the fairy face. Cool water in the summer of Ban Gioc waterfall makes you want to drop yourself and blend into it.

In the rainy season (from June to September), the Ban Gioc waterfall is completely opposite to the summer. This is the time when Ban Gioc falls in its majestic beauty. The water is not flowing so smoothly that it starts to flow faster and faster, the foam splashes.

Beside the Ban Gioc Waterfall, tourists taking a Tours in Vietnam to Ban Gioc can visit other charming destinations such as Thang Hen Lake, Nguom Ngao Cave, Truc Lam Buddhist Temple, etc.