The Beautiful Cherry Blossom Island In Muong Phang

On the land of Vietnam, you will also find a “Cherry Blossom Forest” blooming beautifully, shimmering shining in every the flower season. The cherry blossom season has decorated with lively pink color for the land of Dien Bien, the cherry blossom season make people captivated and passionate. And, Muong Phang full of pink color of cherry blossom with the poetic, lyrical and sweet landscape on the spring days is waving to welcome many people taking Vietnam Small Group Tours to enjoy.

Muong Phang was once the headquarters of the Dien Bien Phu Campaign, which was associated with the heroic years of anti-French history. The years of war have passed but Muong Phang is still there, still retaining the memories, enthusiasm, and courage of the soldiers and increasingly embellished to match the history to remind for future generations.

Muong Phang is located at altitudes of over 1,000 m above sea level. There are not only the pristine forests still green for many years, hiding the mystery of nature but also an island with the famous cherry blossoms of the “country of the sunrise”.

When boating on the flow of Lake Pa Khoang, from far away you will be admired hundreds of beautiful cherry trees, radiant, sweet and romantic, full of vitality. The beautiful island was covered with a charming cherry blossom color, so many people will surely be surprised and overwhelmed at first sight. In addition, the island of flowers in Muong Phang also converges many different flowers, from wildflowers, forest flower to the flowers of the temperate regions racing to show their own alluring colors.

Among the wild and majestic mountains of the Northwest, the island of cherry flowers on the land of Muong Phang not only fascinate the Vietnamese people but also the Japanese tourists of Travel Companies in Vietnam by the beauty. Whenever the cherry flowers bloom, the travelers of the lowland come together to find Muong Phang to admire the cherry blossom, let their romantic soul immerse in poetic scenery and enjoy moments of peace with nature.

Nowhere in Vietnam that you can watch beautiful cherry blossoms except the land of Muong Phang. This place is a haven for temperate flowers, because the natural conditions converge from the elite of heaven and earth, from the soil, water to climate…

The cherry blossoms have “linked” on the island of flowers in Muong Phang nearly ten years, adorned the place more fresh, shimmering, sweet and romantic. Step by step into the “land of the cherry blossom of Vietnam”, visitors will have a feeling hard to describe, the heart will be filled with fresh and pure emotion.

Suddenly there is a slight breeze, the cherry blossom petals fly in the wind. At that moment you will want to catch all the petals, hold the beauty of each beautiful tiny cherry flower.

In the fresh air in the gentle morning, you wander around the island, watching the dewdrops still glittering on the leaves, listening to the birds singing and picking up the sweet sunlight shining everywhere. It will be beautiful moments that you will forever remember in the years of your life. In the future, whenever you remember this experience, you will feel proud and never regret the footstep of discovery.

In the North West, almost everywhere the peach blossom color, but it seems that only in Muong Phang is the cherry Edohigan Sakura of Kyushu Island from the “country of cherry blossom” Japan. So, if visitors on Tours in Vietnam would like to see the cherry blossom right in Vietnam, admire the beautiful flowers in charming scenery, dream and sweet charm in the remote North West.

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