Binh An – The Fairy Village In Dalat

It is said that Da Lat is the resort land of the elite, nobles from the French colonial period with beautiful ancient villas hidden in valleys, between pine forests or next to romantic lakes. And until now, Da Lat is still attractive by resorts owning fairy colors – a place to relax for tourists on Tours in Vietnam who like luxury and tranquillity. Follow this article to discover Binh An village!

Binh An Village is a resort hidden in the pine forest of Tuyen Lam Lake, where the paths are still full of green of ferns. The beautiful, fairy-tale village with very characteristic roof architecture inspired by traditional house design in the Central Highlands. The successive houses lay peacefully along the lake, surrounded by rose, red ban flowers and green grass meticulously trimmed, making anyone who captivated this fairyland. As the name suggests, the beauty of the resort gives for the tourists a feeling of peace, as if they were in the middle of a fairytale where no evil can be reached.

The villa architecture in Binh An is very special, the roof has a twinkling shape and flexible curving, a warm gold paint creates the feeling of the poetic fairy houses but still has a special touch point Central Highlands. Here you can absolutely peace of mind, enjoy your vacation. Just walking around Binh An village, you can take lots of beautiful pictures.

The way leading to Binh An is a cool road lined with green pine trees, even inside Binh An there is small pine forest with straight, tall trees forming a natural frame that visitors from other cities like it all. From the outdoor space to the inside of Binh An furniture, visitors on Vietnam Small Group Tours will enjoy high-quality vacation experiences and relax. Located on Tuyen Lam Lake, in the afternoon, guests can also walk around the lake watching the sunset or rent a boat to see the panoramic view of this romantic resort.

Sitting in the restaurant area with the Tay Nguyen communal house architecture, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy very well-cooked dishes. The red rose that surrounds the whole balcony is blooming beautifully, make people think that it is truly a wonderful place to relax. Traditional grilled beef dishes marinated in Vietnamese style are fragrant, cooked enough and soft, sweet and so flavorful. Crosstaint cake here is also especially hot crispy but still fragrant, and it is a rare cake that you will not find in other restaurants. Fruits are freshly selected and presented beautifully. A meal for 2 people will cost about 600,000 VND – 800,000 VND, only the same price with 2-3 star resorts but the quality really makes visitors impressed. Let’s come here and enjoy delicious food right away!

For guests who like to enjoy a vacation and want to go out to explore, around Binh An Village also has many famous tourist and photo spots in Tuyen Lam lake area such as the Cu Lan village, clay village, Secret Garden … Each point is only about 3 – 4 km away from the resort, so it can be seen that although far away from the centre, Binh An is not boring.

Every room has an extremely open natural view. About the price of the hotel or villa room, you check on Vietnam Tourist Information! I am sure Binh An will be an ideal resort for you and your family and loved ones!

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