Nha Trang is known as the Beach Heaven of Vietnam, famous for its beautiful and dreamy beaches. Known by many domestic and foreign tourists on Vietnam Small Group Tours, besides the beaches of Nha Trang also emerged with attractive and hard-to-miss ecotourism destinations. In this article, ten new check-in points discovered by young people in recent times is shown as following.

Vinpearl Land – “Miniature Europe”

With the classic castle, Ferris Merry Around, water music square and many other beautiful places, Vinpearl Land is the Best destination in Vietnam, a paradise for you to take photos, here you can take hundreds of photos with different styles you like.

Hon Tam wooden bridge

Coming to Hon Tam without checking in on this bridge, it is very missing! The bridge is a place where the boat docked, the beautiful scenery is the ideal place to create hundreds of magical images. Therefore, many couples on Tours in Vietnam come here to take wedding photos.

Vietnam’s first semi-natural butterfly garden:

Butterfly garden with an area of 1,200m2 has brought many interesting things for visitors. This is the first model in Vietnam with over hundreds of butterflies living. Not only butterflies with beautiful colours, this place is also a place to research and develop various kinds of honey bees, extremely rare insects such as beetles, spiders tarantulas, scorpions and other multi-legged insects.

Yangbay Sunflower Garden

With an area of nearly 1ha, the sunflower garden is planted at Hoa Tien hill, which has the most beautiful scenery at Yang Bay tourist park. When visiting, visitors will be free to take pictures for free to keep the golden color of the unique sunflower garden that seems to be only in Nghe An and Lam Dong, especially attracting young people.

Khanh Son Pagoda

The pagoda is located southwest of Nha Trang about 27km, the location on a hill and surrounded by green fields, the bamboo ramparts under the pale sunshine of the end of the cold season of Nha Trang. In Thanh Son Pagoda, the imprint Buddhism affects to the smallest detail. After many years with effort, the pagoda has a majestic and beautiful appearance as it is now. What is realized when coming here is the nature and Buddha statues are intertwined to create a spiritual space for the hearts of the serene when coming to this place.

Truc Nhan Tam Forest

If anyone has ever seen the famous works of Kim Dung or the beautiful martial arts battles with of Chinese films, they cannot leave their eyes because of the unique Bamboo Forest of Nhan Tam Resort.

Here, we can freely “selfie” to have unique pictures with many styles. Beside this Bamboo Forest, Tourist area Nhan Tam is quite unique with many interesting and interesting services such as: zipline, crocodile fishing, water park, etc.

“O Thuoc” bridge in Mud Bath THAP BA

– The bridge is connected between the mountain of Ngoc Son and the elevator system among the sky. Young people enjoy the unique selfie style on the bridge as if they were coming out of “fairy heaven”.

– Besides, from the bridge you can see all the services and landscapes of Tourist area mud bath THAP BA. Looking far away from the lake, visitors on Tour in Vietnam also sees the scenic Cai River and a part of Nha Trang city.

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