Citadel Of Ho Dynasty – The Unique Stone Work Of The 14th Century

Situated in a remote backwater of Thanh Hoa province, around 150 kilometers from Ha Noi to the south and 45 kilometers northwest of Thanh Hoa city, the citadel of Ho dynasty is the only stone citadel remaining in Southeast Asian. It was the capital city of Vietnam from 1398 to 1407. The Citadel has been engaging more and more domestic and international tourists on Vietnam package Tours since it was nominated as World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in June 2011.

History of the citadel of Ho dynasty

This unique stonework was built for 3 months in 1937 by Ho Quy Ly who was the highest-ranking mandarin of Tran Dynasty. The Citadel of Ho Dynasty also is known as Tay Do castle. It was the political, economic and cultural center of Viet Nam from 1936 to 1407.

In the late 14th century, the Tran Dynasty was in disarray, and Ho Quy Ly laid plans to usurp the throne of King Tran Thuan Tong. In 1937, after the citadel was finished, Ho Quy Ly forced the King to move the capital from the citadel of Thang Long (Hanoi) to Thanh Hoa province. No longer after that few years, in 1400, Ho Quy Ly crowned to replace King Tran and renamed the country as Dai Ngu. The Citadel of the Ho Dynasty official became the capital citadel until 1407 with the name of Tay Do.

The outstanding impressive architecture

The Citadel of Ho Dynasty constructed of large limestone blocks. It is a magnificent combination of the Vietnamese architecture and the unique building techniques of Southeast Asia and Eastern Asia. This construction represents a new development of architectural technology and adaption of the geomantic city. It also states the skillful use of architectural elements in terms of space management and decoration. The complex structure demonstrates a concept of royal power and the adoption of Confucian philosophy within the predominantly Buddhist culture.

The Citadel composed of the Inner Citadel, La Thanh Outer Wall and the Nam Giao Altar (for worshipping the Heaven) covers 155.5 ha, surrounded by a buffer zone of 5078.5 ha. The Citadel is located in a landscape of great scenic beauty between the Ma and Buoi rivers in Vinh Loc district Thanh Hoa province of Viet Nam.

Many tourists of  Tours in Vietnam was very surprised for the first time visiting the Ho Citadel because until now, except for its gates, the Citadel is mostly ruined. The Citadel has no palaces, no temples or monuments, just four walls surrounding nothing but farmland. However, all the major stone sections of the main gate are intact until now without affected by time and weather, thanks to the unique construction techniques. The historical and cultural values will be kept forever by the people of Vietnam.

If you have a chance to visit Thanh Hoa province, you should go to the Citadel of Ho Dynasty. This architectural masterpiece is considered as one of the Best destination in Vietnam for many tourists who love to experience the history and culture of this fascinating country.

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