Eight Exciting Experiences For Traveling Lover (Part 2)

Homestay travel

Not luxury and modern as classy resorts or comfortable hotels full of convenient services and care, homestay is a favorite choice for those who love moving. In homestay with indigenous people, tourists of Vietnam Travel Agent will feel that you are becoming a local with them, through daily activities to understand more about each region, promising to be an interesting experience in your life.

Choose homestay travel, you also get the support and help from the owner of the house, get to know more new friends, expand the relationship. Do not hesitate to try homestay at least once in your life.


The world under the ocean is not less beautiful and sparkling than that on the land. There are countless creatures that we have never known to bring the most virtual scene hidden in the blue sea water. So, if you are even afraid of water, then take the courage to try diving once, you will not be disappointed.

And before you go exploring the ocean, you will go through the process of learning and practicing underwater. This will increase your excitement and your willpower. You yourself will have inspired yourself to make that trip.

Volunteer travel

Nothing make visitors on Vietnam Small Group Tours happier and more meaningful than bringing the joyful smile and warm heart to the local people in places where you travel. Volunteer travel is becoming one of the trends that more and more young people today choose, because of the human values that gain from this activity. Try once this volunteer travel, you will feel your heart is full of love and happiness.

For a complete volunteer journey, you should plan in detail to allocate time and energy to both two part of your trip – volunteer activities and enjoyment of sightseeing. No need to be too fussy and loud activities, just a few small actions such as giving gifts, helping to harvest food, clearing roads – schools of local places are enough to make the unforgettable impresses in the heart of indigenous people. Then you will have the opportunity to enjoy your vacation and admire the charming and majestic landscape, keep beautiful moments in your amazing camera. Surely you will get back the enthusiastic support of indigenous people because of the sentiment that you have for them.

Try alcoholic drinks

Alcohol or beer are all around the world, associated with the development of human beings from ancient times. And so far, these alcoholic drinks are still enough to “glamour” many people. If they are not overly abusive, they are good for the body and are worth for every person try it at least once in their lives, especially when they have the opportunity to travel through the ‘holy place’ of these drinks.

Traveling to Russia, visitors of Travel Companies in Vietnam should try a bit of vodka, going to France, sipping a bit of wine in the ancient house is so great, coming to Ireland, you cannot ignore whiskey and Guinness beer, and traveling Japan, you must definitely try Sapporo beer. In Vietnam, depending on the region, there are different types of alcoholic beverages for you to try such as Tay Nguyen liquor, Binh Dinh wine, Tuyen Quang corn wine, Dalat wine, … It is not necessary to drink so much that you become inebriated and “forget the way back”, just sipping a little to feel the special taste in the great scenery of the landscape.

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Each trip is like a beautiful piece to make each person’s life shimmering and more vibrant. And adding an experience, an exciting new activity that has never been tried before on this tour will make the painting more meaningful. If you like to move so, do not forget to try these eight experiences to conquer yourselves!