Five Destination For Couples On The Winter Days

The winter comes, there is no longer clear blue sky, no yellow leaves carpet covering the roads or the cool wind blowing in every purple sunset. The heaven gently wears for themselves into new clothes with the gray of the sky, the cold wind, a bit mist as leading the way into another world. East brings people the cold but strangely, everyone is excited and eager to ‘welcome’ it, to love suddenly turned into a flame, warming each other. Nothing is cooler than in a cold freezing day, we walk with our sweetheart in a poetic scenery, hold hands together to spread the warmth and experience the sweetest moment. If you have a lot of interest in it, plan with your love in the five following locations!

Sapa – fairyland in love story

There is no place filled with ‘winter air’ as in Sapa Vietnam. Located in the altitude of about 1,600m above sea level with an average temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius, Sapa is always cold. When the winter comes, Sapa buried in clouds and dew, making the towns in Westnorth become beautiful as a fairy kingdom. Traveling Sapa in winter with a lover, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the full winter.

Moc Chau – pristine as the first love

Moc Chau in winter is very gentle, and the tea plantations are covered with a net weaved by the mist. The winding road was cloudy, the mountains and hills are hidden in the mist, and the murmuring streams under the cliffs become more mysterious than ever. Coming to Moc Chau in the winter, visitors on Sapa Package Tours also immerse into the vast white grass, gentle as the first love, so that the hearts become full of emotions. A winter is so sweet and it is better to be with your lover.

Tam Dao – a pure winter

Tam Dao winter provokes the pure beauty touching the heart of visitors, making their soul return from the simplest things. That is clouds clambering and hugging mountains, naughty lying on the roof, landing down the road with the footsteps. That is fresh air filling your lungs in every morning when waking up. A dreaming Tam Dao is hidden in the clouds and then slowly appeared beautifully, just standing in a single place, you can feel the whole romantic beauty.

Hanoi – dreaming winter days

If you mention to the winter but miss Hanoi, it is a great omission. In Hanoi early winter, people will feel a special atmosphere, when the cold comes into the house, making lazy people just crave warmth in the blanket, do not want to go out. Hanoi winter is charming with tiny white daisy “welcoming” on the streets, decorate for the cold season in the capital more sweet and charming. In Hanoi winter, there is a red leaf in the corner of Hoan Kiem lake, the pace of life is slower with the hot tea cups along the old street. Suddenly, visitors on Hanoi Daily Tour feel peaceful as just being warmed up by the small but nice little thing of Hanoi.

Dalat – sweet love flavor

Da Lat is already romantic and peaceful, and in the winter, it is more poetic and ecstatic, touching the heart of people. In autumn, Dalat is brilliant with the golden color of sunflowers. When the winter “knocks the door”, the city of thousands of flowers suddenly calm her gentle with the white rape flowers field of the human heart. Not only that, travelers to Da Lat winter are also mesmerized by the roads full of flowers, although no one noticed their name, their color still makes the heart of visitors vibrant. Although the cold is spreading, people still see the warmth of Da Lat by love sweet than honey.

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