Mỳ gà tần (a chicken soup) is a combination of instant noodles, mugwort and oriental herbs. With such not only yummy but super healthful ingredients, it is a common dish for sick people, especially after they have recovered. Mỳ gà tần  is far from visually appealing anyway, and this highly popular street place serves a particularly unappetising variant. Luckily, it’s delicious. Best served when hot, this would not be the top choice in boiling summers, but in bleak winters in Hanoi.

Around twenty or so Vietnamese were crammed into a tiny street corner, crammed onto the standard tiny bright blue and red plastic furniture. There hardly seemed room for me and I stood awkwardly for a few seconds until a busy waitress noticed me and gestured for me to sit at an empty table I’d missed buried amidst the throng. Luckily it was right next to the alfresco kitchen and I had the opportunity to watch the efficient production line. The waitress had sat back down again and was busy chopping big chunks of chicken from a great basin, slicing through bones-and-all with thick scissors. Another lady ladled murky looking black stock into bowls, and another was preparing endless packets of instant ramen noodles. In no time, and without prompting, a bowl was thrust in front of me.

Price: 60,000-80,000 VND


– Intersection of Hàng Cân Street, Hàng Bồ Street and Lương Văn Can Street

– 12C Hàng Cót Street

– 4 Hàng Bút Street

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