Ha Giang Loop from Hanoi is 1 of 7 Top Road Trips in Vietnam because  Ha Giang is a region rich with ethnic minority tribe culture and natural beauty and resources. If you concern about What’s the weather like in Ha Giang in July? Please see the information below

How is the weather in Ha Giang in July?

July is a comfortable month in Ha Giang, with average temperature fluctuating between 17.6°C (63.68°F) and 25.2°C (77.36°F), and this makes July one of the best months to visit Ha Giang.

Is Ha Giang humid in July?

Yes, it is. The humidity of Ha Giang in July is around 87.3% and rarely falls below 71.0%.

Does it rain often in Ha Giang in July?

Yes, it does. It rains very often in Ha Giang in July with an average of 24.3 rainy days and 188.6mm (7.43″) of precipitation.

How many hours of daylight are there in July in Ha Giang?

In July, Ha Giang’s average day-length is 13.4 hours.

How long is the sun out per day in Ha Giang in July?

The average sunshine hours of Ha Giang in July is 11.7 hours.

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