Ha Giang In The Wet Season

Referring to Ha Giang, there is a saying that people who are passionate in backpacking travels often say, “Every season is beautiful.” Indeed, if in October, heavenly Ha Giang was submerged in the colors of the Buckwheat flowers; when Tet holidays comes, cherry blossoms and plum flowers are blooming together on every stone wall of the families of Meo ethnic people, when summer comes, Ha Giang terrace fields are full with water, reflecting the clear and endless sky that make everyone must admire and praise.

Ha Giang in the rainy season

If you decide to go to Ha Giang in June when the rice turns golden in the fields in the Delta, and eager to see the harvest season in the Northwest terraced fields, you could be disappointed because when you arrive, the field will be just full of water. Meo ethnic people said that this is Ha Giang rainy season.

Each year, Meo people only cultivates a single rice crop, harvested in September. In the last May and early June when the summer starts coming with heavy rains, water from high fields will fall down low fields, thus forming a “waterfall” stretching from the top to the foot of the mountain. The water season lasts until the end of July but in May – June when the transplanting season is begun is the best time for visitors on Tour in Vietnam admire the clear and charming beauty of the fields in Ha Giang.

In the wet season, Meo people not only cultivate rice, but they also grow corn all over the stone plateau. This season rains a lots, the corn grows fast like a weed. You will be so surprised when seeing vast corn field on the mountain, mixed with stones from the top to the foot mountain and joked together: Meo people are so talented, they grow corn on the stone.

In the summer season, the cool weather makes people coming here fall in love with the scenery. The sudden showers in the middle of the mountains make you have to wear a thin coat. It is true that the ideal “hiding place” from the suffocating heat of the capital, isn’t it?

The rainy season has brought you to a Ha Giang which is not cramped by the holiday season and tourists on Vietnam Small Group Tours are also delighted to immerse themselves in the vast sky with thousands of beautiful photos.

Meo people cheerfully prepare new crops

For ethnic people living in the land of the top of the country, there is no joy over the bumper crop. So Meo people “research” very meticulously, how to control water on the field just enough to sow seeds, and to make paddy germinate.

When the water season comes, people in this area go to work on dams and shore, prepare water for the new crop. Along with rainwater, they connect bamboo pipes from the mountains to bring water into the field to soak the soil before sowing. Meo people told that they had to go to work in the fields when it is rain, even in the evening because they could keep the water in the fields just enough for them to grow rice.

On Sunday, the only day that Meo people on Dong Van had a fair in the week after the farm work. The fair is not only a place where girls and boys here are dating but also where they shop for new clothes, trade and sell things “made by themselves”. At the fair, travelers on Vietnam Private Tour will be immersed in the unique culture of the upland people with the vibrant colors of the brocade clothes, and Meo people happily chatting beside the goods sold from fruits to cattle.

If you have just started summer vacation, want to immerse yourself in the vast nature, immerse yourself in the unique culture of the Meo people and hear them tell the stories of the Northwest, please take your backpack right up, Ha Giang rainy season is still waiting for you!

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