Ho Coc Beach – The Beauty Of Heaven

There is a place, not far from Saigon, not noisy hastily, not bustling all over. In that place, your heart will become calm as natural rhythmic gently water, as the sweet wind dispelling your sorrow. Moreover, it is also a “free film studio” where anyone would like to come. That is Ho Coc – the attractive destination for tourists of Tours in Vietnam in the coastal city of Vung Tau, meeting all requires of all people who would like to come here to enjoy the fun and exciting moments.

Where is Ho Coc?

The most beautiful beach in Vung Tau – Ho Coc – is located in Hung Bien Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, about 175km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. It only takes about 3 hours to drive the sea of Vung Tau in Ho Coc. That is the reason why many people from the city often come to the sea on the weekend, to relax in the fresh air, to forget the shabby and dusty city. From Saigon, tourists who booked tour in Vietnam Travel Agent can travel along Highway 51 to Ba Ria town and then divert to Highway 55, passing Binh Chau Hot Spring and then run straight again to Ho Coc.

Enjoy rarely pristine beauty

It takes only 3 hours to ride a moto on the straight quietly way, take sightseeing rice countryside, or sandy dreaming beach, … you will come to the quiet and beautiful coast of Ho Coc. It is not true to say that Ho Coc is unspoiled because Ho Coc beach and Ho Tram are surrounded by many large resorts. The “wilderness” of Ho Coc is a quiet space, not surrounded by so many tourists as Vung Tau or Long Hai beach, natural beauty is also a new point that makes Ho Coc is a place worth more than both two beaches.

Ho Coc is a pristine beach located close to the forest so there are almost no crowded inhabitants living along the coast except for some resorts and motels. So Ho Coc beach is quite clean and clear. Along the coast, there are many large rock edges undulating, creating a lively and quite interesting scenery for this fanciful beach. Especially, Ho Coc Beach has been selected by Thrillist as one of the tourist paradises in the world.

Natural beauty with purity, Ho Coc brings the new and special thing at every angle, the picture taken perfectly also makes people have to ‘be surprised’. The sandy beach stretching towards the immense blue is white smooth like a cream that people cannot deny. The forest is full of magical charms, containing clear streams and lakes.

Many people came here and jokingly said that Ho Coc would no longer be Ho Coc if there was no stone. Indeed, it can be said that the rocks on the smooth sand made a unique sea of Ho Coc. What an interesting scene that makes people happy. It is more wonderful to walk in a beautiful afternoon along the beach and squatting on some rock, watching the sun slowly fall to the horizon …

Blue sea, sunshine, white sand are the three most complete words to describe the beauty of paradise of Ho Coc. Although most of the coast is encircled as a resort for recreation, the rest of the beach does not disappoint visitors by the “pure” beauty of the paradise coast. On tidal days, visitors of Sai Gon City Tour should be careful with shells of seashells, snails drifted on the beach, just a pair of flip-flops can protect their feet.

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