As Hanoi Journey members take tours, many visitors ask us the way to travel around in Hanoi.We highly recommend you to take taxi from some reliable taxi companies we mention below for convenience and correct taxi fare.

Since taxi drivers can speak only limited English, ask your hotel to write your destination in Vietnamese to show the taxi drivers; also get your hotel’s business card in case you get lost.

Note down the ID number of the particular taxi (displayed on a corner of the windshield and the back window) in the event that you are ripped off.

Reliable taxi can be identified through images below

1) Taxi Group with typical red and blue color

Taxi CP and Taxi Hanoi are two brands of Taxi Group. Hence, they will have the same appearance as the picture below but have different phone numbers.

Taxi CP: 0438 26 26 26
Hanoi Taxi 0438 53 53 53

2) Mai Linh Taxi with typical green color

Mai Linh Taxi: 0438 222 666

There are two kinds of taxi- 4-seater and 7-seater. The price for the latter is slightly higher. The price for the latter is slightly higher. It’s also convenient that Taxi Group and Mai Linh Taxi also accept credit card.

To transfer from Noibai airport to Hanoi centre

Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi is the largest in the north of the country. It is 35 km from the city centre, and the travel time to or from the city centre is approximately 45 minutes (1hour in peak times) There have been many difficulties for travelers who call taxis’ for transferring from Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi. Guests are sometimes charged too highly, or taken to wrong hotels or destinations.

To avoid any frauds, you might consider our airport pick-up or see-off service for a worry-free experience at a reasonable price.

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