Two teams – Tamaya Katahara Fireworks from Japan and Sugyp from Switzerland – will launch their fireworks in the Han River during the second night of the 2017 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival on Sunday

Tamaya Katahara, a championship contender with 35 years of experience, will mark their second competition in the Han River; they ranked second in 2012.

The team, who won five titles at fireworks festivals in Spain and France as well as Asia, expects to spark the outdoor stage in the Han River on Sunday night with a spectacular performance combining pop music and a story of fireworks.

Meanwhile, Sugyp from Switzerland will make their Da Nang debut.

The 1967-established team, who has seen as one of the biggest fireworks company in Switzerland in 50 years, covers 250 performances in their country and festival worldwide each year.

Last year, the team performed well at the Montreal International Fireworks Competition.

The team will employ their skills and technology over mountains, sea and river of Da Nang.

Last month, two teams – Da Nang-Viet Nam and Fireevent Die Feuerwerker from Austria – had perfect performances in the Han River.

China’s Dancing Fireworks Group and Pyrotex Fireworx team from the UK will spark the third night performance on May 27th. Howard&Sons Pyrotechnics from Australia and Italy’s Martarello will stage the fourth night performance on June 3rd.

The festival was held under the title Shining Ngu Hanh Son, or Marble Mountains.

The fireworks festival was held annually from 2008 until 2013, then biennially from 2015.

Teams from the US and Italy have won twice, while Canada, China and France clinched the title once.

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