Kuang Si Waterfall is one of the attractive tourist attractions of Laos. The waterfall is located 37km south of the city center. Stunning road, majestic mountains and forrest.

Beautiful Scenes

Kuang Si is a complex of three falls, in which the main waterfall is about 60m high with the water pouring down from above making white foam, tossing the misty mist to create an impressive scene between the thousands and the sounds The bustling sound … This is one of Laos’ most attractive landscapes with beautiful natural lakes, which are listed as the most beautiful natural swimming pools on the planet.

In the list of the world’s most beautiful waterfall collections, the peaceful Kuang Si waterfall spreads only 50m. Waterfall is surrounded by mountains and forests.

The most impressive point of Kuang Si waterfall is the water from the big falls, which in turn creates small steps like terraces, filling water into long lakes, forming self-made swimming pools. But very unique. Around the year, the water from the upstream poured a huge amount of algae that “dyed” the lakes into a jade green, full of seductive … . The scene here is very beautiful. Below the waterfall area there are many swimming areas for visitors.

Getting here

The Kuang Si Waterfall is located 29km south of Luang Prabang. You can hire a motorcycle to make your own way to the waterfall but beware of rocky road. Another option is to hire your own tuk-tuk for a half-day rental or jump on one of the mini-buses departing daily from the Naluang Mini Bus station.

Option 1 – Shared tuk tuks: The prices is about 200,000 kip, which works out to about 50,000kip (6USD) per person for 4-5 persons to take a ride. If you don’t already have a group pre-arranged but still want to save some cash, drivers will wait until they have a group of people ready to go – which means you’ll be stuck waiting for fellow passengers for a while.

Most of the time, your fare will include a return trip and a few hours at the falls together, but always double check this before leaving. The group will also need to agree on a set leaving time so that no one gets left behind!

Option 2 – Private car: Hire a private car could excellent choice if you’ve already got a group of friends ready for a day of adventures. With this option, you’ll generally arrive in the comfort of your air-conditioned van with a private driver, and you’ll enjoy more flexibility in deciding what time you’d like to leave the falls again. The price start at (USD 40). Contact us to get car rental service in Laos with best price

Option 3 – Motorbike: At USD $20/day + petrol and parking at the Kuang Si Falls (2,000kip), you could hire yourself a motorbike to get to the Kuang Si waterfalls. But take consideration if you choose this option, the roads is not well maintained, and somewhat rocky.