Pass through the steep slopes in Thung Khe, Thung Nhuoi, you will admire the romantic beauty of the mountains and forests on the road to Mai Chau. Located in the northwest of Hoa Binh Province, Mai Chau is a land of convergence of many ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has its own identity, customs, and practices that contribute to the diversity of Vietnamese culture. No magnificent scenery, no luxury service, but Mai Chau still has its own appeal to those who want to find the peace of space, the essence of culture, the unique features of regional cuisine in the mountainous area. If you want to make sure to not miss any beautiful places or any information so you can join the short trip like Mai Chau 2 days 1 night or 1- day trip to discover Mai Chau.

Mai Chau has 12 relics and scenic spots, including 5 relics recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Khoai Cave, Chieu Cave (Mai Chau town), Nhat Cave, Lang Cave, Mo Luong Cave (Chieng Chau).

There are places that you can not ignore when visiting Mai Chau as:

Lác Village – the Beauty exists over time

Now a day, Lac village is more widely known to domestic and foreign visitors, and visitors are not looking for a beautiful landscape, noisy or crowded town. Most visitors come here because of the pristine nature of the picture and a peaceful space so they can leave everything behind to enjoy their own time.

Lac Village is a place that preserves the cultural values of the White Thai with five families Ha, Lo, Co, Mar, Loc. Up to now, it has survived 700 years. Come to Lac village, you will admire the stilted house with wild, rustic. Wear the traditional dress of the Thai people, eat the food that you can only find in the mountainous area. Surely you will have interesting experiences with friendly and hospitality of Thai people here.

Pom Coog village – the attraction of culture

Coming to Mai Chau (Hoa Binh), you will have a chance to enjoy the charming of Thai people in Pom Coong village in Mai Chau town. Pom Coọng today has nearly 70 households with more than 300 people, there are seven large families live together happily, harmony.

Visitors come to Pom Coong for a better understanding of Thai life and people, they immerse themselves in the life of the Thai people and really enjoy spreading dances, Gong festivals, sleeping on stilts – Drink wine and take a walk to the mountains, see the lifestyle of people here.

Chieu Cave – the mystical beauty

Chieu cave is located in the southwest of Mai Chau town. The gate is about 10 – 15m long, up to the top of the mountain about 30m, about 350m from the residential area. The higher look down, rich and poetic Mai Chau town as clearly appeared. In addition, Mai Chau has many other attractions, do not miss the opportunity to have fun experiences for your weekend offline.If you are a travel enthusiast in the mountains, when travel to Vietnam should not miss some other tourist destinations like Hoa Lu Tam Coc 1 Day Tour, Sapa Vietnam Tours. Although the place is known more widely, Sapa still retains the distinctive features of the landscape and people here

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