Mai Waterfall – New Hot Spot For Teenage Of Sai Gon

Not Vung Tau full of sun, wind, sand, and waves but Mai Waterfall is a fascinating picnic spot that makes Saigon teenagers captivated recently. Mai waterfall brings in its pristine beauty, not only majestic but also sweet. This place has a unique ecosystem and does not seem to have the impact of human hands, so the picture is more attractive, touching the heart of the traveler on Sai Gon City Tour to explore. Even if you are just a person who likes to set foot in the new land or a “professional” backpacker, Mai Waterfall is still an ideal destination, promising to bring a memorable experience in the journey of conquest.

How to reach Mai Waterfall

Mai Waterfall is located in Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province, which is quite untouched in the primitive forest, so many people do not know much about it. But with those who have come here cannot stop admiring the charm of the Mai waterfall. The beauty of the waterfall is formed by the flowing La Nga river winding through rocky stretches in the forest branch of Nam Cat Tien National Park before pouring into the Dong Nai River. People call Mai waterfalls (Apricot waterfall) because before this place is the ‘kingdom of wild apricot flowers’, each blooming flowers attract visitors. Although now apricot blossoms are as much as before, wild beauty in the midst of the green forest still makes the heart of tourists blaze when admiring.

Mai Waterfall is located 150km south of Ho Chi Minh City, in the southeast of Vietnam. It is the perfect choice for visitors on Vietnam Private Tour to enjoy all the scenery on the way. Tourists going to Mai Falls can travel along Day Dau Road and turn to Highway 20 to Dinh Quan. Continue to 120-kilometer-spot until you reach the confluence of Tinh Quang Xa pagoda, visitors turn to the road through the forest, start a real trip with Mai Waterfall.

Before the ‘face with’ the waterfall Mai, travelers have the opportunity to admire the world of green forest along the path. Through the road through Nam Cat Tien forest, there will be about 8km asphalt road and the rest is land road, but the road is very flat and easy to go. The trees on both sides shade like the giant hand shielding the ‘loved ones’, the autumn here is as beautiful as any European country. Cute animals in the forest and many wildflowers make the natural picture becomes lively.

The interesting things to do

Mai Waterfall does not fall from high altitude as many other waterfalls that stretch gentle on the water surface of the lake, to the narrow cliffs, the flows of water “push each other” and flow more powerfully, looking also great. The space in the Mai waterfall is very fresh and open. cliffs, blooming wildflowers, birds singing, all create the paintings so romantic so that you will feel all weariness seems to disappear, only leaving sweet flavor infiltrating to the heart.

Traveling Mai waterfall, visitors on Tours in Vietnam can immerse themselves in the cool water, then climb the stone plate to rest and go fishing, enjoy the scenery. Around the cascade, there are many large and shady trees, which are suitable for setting up camping tents, experiencing the life in the forest. The bridge over the waterfall or rock road leading into the lake is harmonious with the scenery Mai waterfalls, where young people take photos “check-in” without being bored.

No need to go far, near Saigon still has many promising destinations bringing a very interesting experience. And Mai Waterfall is a place like that, where there are pictures are painted by the purest things.

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