Mui Ne – The Attractive Paradise

Located 22km north-east of Phan Thiet, Mui Ne is one of the most beautiful and famous eco-tourism spots in Binh Thuan province.

The meaning of the name “Mui Ne”

The name Mui Ne has many different origins. There was a folk legend which is about the Princess Mouse suffered an incurable disease, later built Am temple to worship at Hon Rom. Since then she had name Na Ne – gradually people read the Na Ne into Mui Ne. “Ne” is the name of Princess Ut, Mui is the nose to the sea. There is another explanation from the fishermen. When meeting the storm, they often come here to take refuge. “Mui” is the nose to the sea, “Né” means haven. The name Mui Ne appeared from here, is a gentle land, there are no big storm waves, creating a feeling of warmth and tranquility.

The pristine and quiet beauty

Not only attractive with the beauty of the wild, peaceful, this place also gives visitors a unique experience with the stretching and sunny beach, which is the ideal place to relax, get away from the crowded and busy city.

Nestled in the white sand stretches, harmony with nature sunny and windy, Mui Ne shows up with gentle. Along with the sea waves and coconut curves around, the beauty is more impressive and unforgettable. Mui Ne is most beautiful in the last months of the year. The sky is blue, the air is calm and cool. This is also the occasion to attract the most tourists in the year.

Along with the sea, mentioning Mui Ne, cannot forget to mention the romantic sand dunes – a unique place of Vietnam that the Center record books have recorded. The name comes from the special shape of the Cat Hill – they change by the hour, by the day, by the month with countless shapes. Due to the abrasion of the wind, the force of the wind has created countless interesting shapes with many colors glittering, stretching like wilderness desert.

Standing in the middle of the “sun-wind-sand” paradise, visitors of Tours in Vietnam will enjoy the panorama of Mui Ne covered with a vast blue of the sea intermingled with the golden color of the sand under the bright sun. All of them create a charming picture, an untouched and romantic landscape that makes visitors feel like flying among the nature and the beauty of the sand dunes. These sand dunes are an endless source of inspiration for painters, poets … and the source of the art of sand painting. Besides that, this place is also the topic that has contributed to creating many successes in the domestic and international awards of photographers.

Thing to do in Mui Ne

When coming to Mui Ne in Vietnam Package Tours, visitors also experience the extremely interesting game and useful such as sand slide, climb up sand dunes. In addition, Mui Ne Rock is also a place that visitors should not ignore. There are many rocks in the beach making scenery beautiful and majestic. Between the rocky beaches is a small sand beach, the end is the Ba Vang shrine, the end of the beach is the mausoleum of Thach Long, poetic landscape!

Besides the poetic and idyllic scenery, Mui Ne attracts visitors by the extremely attractive and rich sea gastronomic features. From the processed seafood like pickled fish, squid teeth … to the folk dishes such as rice cake, pancakes, noodles … bring the unique tastes, making anyone impressive and unforgettable.

The development

In recent years, Mui Ne has been consistently ranked among the top tourist and international travel websites. In 2014, Mui Ne is the second most popular beach in South East Asia by Canadian traveler. Most recently, this place has been listed in the list of 10 beaches of Asia Pacific as evaluated from Skyscanner.

Therefore, not only bring pride to Vietnam, Mui Ne has gradually become a very attractive tourist destination and is considered  Best destination in Vietnam for visitors when coming to Vietnam. Come and enjoy the wonderful experience in the paradise of white sand!

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