LÀO CAI — Mường Luông is highly recommended as a tourist destination in the north-western uplands.

Located at the foot of Khâu A Mountain 30km north-east of Lao Cai, Mường Luông Valley is surrounded by mountains and home to the ethnic Tày.

Here tourists can enjoy a tranquil place with a cool climate and fresh air and learn about local culture, which the Tày have preserved through their traditions.

Visitors can eat local dishes and take a look at some 100 traditional homes on stilts along the Nậm Luông stream, which make for a magnificent sight. The houses are 60-70 years old.

Through the year travellers can take leisurely walks to explore the daily activities of villagers. The Tày, who are friendly and hospitable people, are ready to perform folk dances to entertain guests.

Visitors can also drop in to a stilt house for a closer look.

Mường Luông is attractive to tourists also thanks to its unique cuisine. Some of the dishes visitors should try are gà xào kiệu (chicken fried with pickles), canh lá chua (sour soup), and cá suối nướng (grilled spring fish).

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