Nha Phu – A Place To “Change Air”

Coming to Nha Phu you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the transformation of nature, in fresh sea water.

Overview of Nha Phu

Nha Phu Lagoon (also called Nha Phu Bay) is the name of a large area, including tourist islands such as Thi island, Lao island, Sam island, Da Bac island (Princess Beach), Lao island – Monkey Island, Hoa Lan Stream, Ninh Van Resort.

Nha Phu Lagoon is nearly 1,500ha, adjacent to Nha Trang Bay and Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa Province, about 15km from the city. The tourist port is located in Luong Son, Vinh Luong. Nha Phu lagoon is one of the two large lagoons of Khanh Hoa province that still has the characteristics of a rare ecological area with mountains, forests, rivers, and islands.

Nha Phu lagoon is one of the convergences of many terrains: islands, streams, seas, lakes, mountains, and bays. Nha Phu Lagoon has quiet and light waves, suitable for Vietnam package Tours programs. The landscape is pristine, sparsely populated, pure white sand stretching for miles and varied with other terrain types.

In addition, Nha Phu Lagoon is also diverse in fauna and flora. According to a survey conducted by the Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography (Khanh Hoa), Nha Phu lagoon has 232 phytoplankton species recorded. Of these, there are 150 species of Silic algae, accounting for 65%; Hai Roi algae with 32% … Nha Phu is also a place to develop aquaculture.

Coming to Nha Phu tourists who book with Travel Companies in Vietnam will have the opportunity to fully immersed in the change of the natural beauty of three islands: Hon Thi, Hon Heo, and Hon Lao. All are peaceful and romantic oases in the middle of the ocean.

Thing to do in Nha Phu

Just go on a speedboat about 15 minutes from Da Chong, Hon Lao island will appear in your eyes. The sea around the island is tranquil and blue, generously giving people the ideal beach … Hon Lao is a long island, also called “monkey island” because on the island there are thousands of monkeys living naturally. Every day, the monkeys go to eat everywhere on the island, they are bold and friendly with people, sometimes some naughty monkeys demand food of tourists of Tours in Vietnam. On the island, there is a circus with elephants, bears and a bird park with a variety of forest birds.

An ecological feature of Hon Lao is that around the island there are large and beautiful coral reefs. Here visitors of Vietnam package Tours have the opportunity to dive to the ocean floor to see the coral with colorful sea creatures or visit the unspoiled cave.

The sea here is shallow, gentle, far along the shore, sometimes with white marble. Any season Hon Thi also has calm waves, sea water smooth as a lake. Beside the undulating rocks, crystal clear blue waters, home to hundreds of species of marine life. All make Hon Thi charming, pristine and peaceful …

Hoa Lan Stream is located in the Hon Heo Mountains, about 18km north of Nha Trang. The stream is about 6 km long, formed from many small streams of mountains in the Heo range. Along the stream, there are all kinds of mangrove trees that are tied together. In particular, the stream has a lot of orchids. After flowing through the creek waterfall, Hoa Lan stream pours water directly into Nha Phu lagoon. Connecting Nha Phu Lagoon with Hon Heo is an area of about 20 hectares, space is not so large, but Hoa Lan Stream has spread through three forms: high mountains, plain and the sea.

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