If you search Vietnam Tourist Information, Phong Nha – Ke Bang of Quang Binh province is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. Quang Binh is not only known as a land of “fire” during the war against the United States, the climate is extremely harsh but also known for the natural beauty and especially the very friendly and hospitable people. Visitors to Quang Binh in general, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, in particular, are satisfied and have a good impression.

Overview of Phong Nha

Phong Nha – Ke Bang is a natural landscape that has been given to the people of Quang Binh. Here, the reconciliation of the primeval forest and the Son River, together with dry caves and water caves create an ink painting that captivates people. It is one of the oldest and most extensive tropical limestone areas in the world, covering an area of over 200,000 hectares. With more than 300 large and small caves, the attraction hides many wonders and attractions.

Phong Nha – Ke Bang is a familiar place known for many tourist attractions, such as: Phong Nha cave, Tien Son cave (dry cave), Thien Duong cave (Paradise cave), Chay river – Toi (Dark) cave, Rao Thuong stream – En cave, Mooc waterfall ecological tourism, Sinh Tau valley – Thuy Cung cave.

Among the caves, Phong Nha is truly the most prominent with a length of nearly 8 km, mainly with underground river categorized as the longest underground river in the world.

With its biodiversity, it is easy to understand that the Phong Nha – Ke Bang provides visitors with a variety of eco-tourism activities, which is suitable for a wide variety of visitors. You can sit on the tourist boats of the locals, walk along the Chay River and enjoy the beauty of the caves. You can also make hiking trips to enjoy pristine nature, and immerse yourself in the cool water of the streams … The activities here will always bring you many surprises, and you will be immensely overwhelmed by the beauty given by nature.

The best time to travel Phong Nha

Quang Binh is located in the monsoon tropics and is always affected by the climate of both the north and south of Vietnam so it is divided into two distinct seasons: Rainy season and Dry season.

The dry season (from April to August), this is quite convenient time to participate in the cave discovering in the world natural heritage Phong Nha – Ke Bang. While the temperature outside is 36-37 ° C, the temperature in the cave is always at 20-21° C, which is very cool and comfortable.

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