Sao Beach is full of criteria for a beautiful beach: clear blue water, long beach, smooth soft white sand, …

Overview of Sao Beach

Sao Beach is considered the most famous beach in Phu Quoc tourist area, about 28 km from Dong Duong town. According to the local guide of Tours in Vietnam, the most beautiful time in the star beach is from June to October, this is the rainy season, but the wind is so quiet and calm.

According to the people here, the reason is called “Sao” (Star)because in the past, every night when the sunset falls, a black color cover the white sand, there are thousands of starfish moving into the onshore as well as underwater. So the people here took the name Sao beach to call as a special symbol for this land.

Bai Sao has the shape of a comfortable crescent, surrounded by rocks poking out into the sea. When coming here, you will be ecstatic with the wild beauty of the sea with white stretching sand, blue sea, which is a great place to relax during the summer. Although not yet fully exploited to become a tourist area, but it still preserves the wild beauty and innocence as a beautiful young girl. When traveling to Nha Trang, do not forget to explore Sao Beach and bring some souvenirs as gifts, surely this island will leave the best things in your memory.

Waves, sand and sea creatures

In summer, most of the beaches in Phu Quoc have large waves. However, Sao Beach is a quiet and calm sea thanks to the location of the southwest wind. Therefore, tourists and people here often go to Sao Beach during the summer.

Sao beach in Phu Quoc is amazingly peaceful and fresh. The waves just gently roll into the beach and then move to the sea, not as intense and noisy as other beaches. The calm waves, the sun, and the wind gently “massage” the skin of the tourists, the sound of waves and wind is like a symphony of the harmony of nature.

Sand in Sao beach is not as yellow as Nha Trang beach sand, or as golden brown as Vung Tau sand beach, which is white and smooth as ice cream. The sand is white and bright, making people coming here with a tour of Travel Companies in Vietnam think of sand in the Caribbean Sea. Sand in the north near the Paradiso Restaurant is the cleanest and clearest. Far to the south, the sand is coarse and light yellow.

The waters around the beach are very quiet and warm, with little waves, and with a very special blue color: turquoise. As far as, the color of seawater will be darker. Sand under the sea is also very smooth, there is no stone. The sea is relatively shallow and the space is very wide (up to 100m), so it is very safe for children and swimmers.

In the beach, you will see small fish, needlefish and sometimes even small squid. There are also some shellfish (oysters, oysters, shrimp, crabs …) that appear here. At the northern and southern end of the beach, there are several coral reef areas and you can dive there. In September and October, many starfish appear near the shore. Sometimes, you will also see the sea urchin, but here they are rare.

Bai Sao is still the place of nature and there is the human impact, so it retains its lovely, clear and pure beauty. Therefore, Sao Beach is always the best destination in Vietnam for lovers of Phu Quoc.

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