Seven Most Beautiful Plateau In Vietnam

If you are tired of the crowded cities filled with smoke and vehicles, if you would like to breathe fresh air and enjoy a peaceful holiday with family, friends, or lover, it is great for you to visit 7 most beautiful highlands in Vietnam. From the highlands in the north to the red land of Central Highlands – where the sky seems harmonious with majestic mountains and green forests will satisfy you.

Mang Den Plateau

Mang Den is one of the two highlands of Kon Tum province, the land of “3 lakes, 7 waterfalls” considered as “the second Dalat” of Vietnam. Visitors on Vietnam package Tours who come to Mang Den also love the cool air all year round as the temperate climate here makes people extremely comfortable. The Mang Den Plateau is located at an altitude of 1,200 m, with many mysterious stories, poetic nature characterized by soaring hills, rare romantic charms of the highlands or majestic waterfalls of Pa Sy.

Lang Biang Plateau

Lang Biang Plateau (also known as Lam Vien), where there are famous Dalat city – the hot spot when mentioning to highland tourism. Coming to a plateau with Lang Biang peak, you can sit in the Jeep’s tank through the old shady road to the peak panoramic view of the city, with seductive mountain passes, majestic waterfalls fascinating people, Xuan Huong Lake, Than Tho Lake, green valleys, etc.

With its ideal height of 1,500 meters above sea level, the Lang Biang Plateau with its diverse services, food, culture and hundreds of flowers blooming all year round is an ideal destination for any trip.

Di Linh Plateau

Covering the whole area of Lam Dong province is the two plateaus. Lang Biang is one plateau and Di Linh is the other. Not too famous, not many services, not luxurious, Di Linh is a wild and pristine plateau, even there are some deserted parts of the vast hills. However, this is also the reason that Di Linh “touch the heart” of the most travellers. Coming here, visitors on Vietnam Small Group Tours will have a rare peaceful feeling.

Pleiku Plateau

Pleiku Plateau has no elevation of over 1000m but it is blessed with the beauty of pine forest, sea lake and wildflowers that make the visitors enchanted. There are no crowded restaurants, Pleiku Plateau will be suitable for those who love peace, enjoying themselves the gentle holiday.

Dong Van Plateau

Dong Van plateau of the North of Ha Giang has the “strange” beauty. While other plateaus are famous for grasses, old forests, flowers, Dong Van is famous for black stone everywhere, from the hills to mountains. The plateau is so great that there is a Dong Van Highland Geological Park, and the saying “live on stone and die in stone” is handed down to this day.

It is not natural that Dong Van in particular and Ha Giang in general are attractive to visitors so far. Coming here, be prepared to avoid being overwhelmed by the majestic scenery, mountains collapsing, terraced terraces full of purple flowers, golden rice immense and the most dangerous roads in Vietnam.

Bac Ha Plateau

In February, when white plum flowers blooming, it is also the best time to visit the Bac Ha Plateau. The white color covers everywhere, from the road, steep pass, the high hills, in the tiny garden with the gentle clouds, creating the picture so beautiful that difficult to describe. In Bac Ha certain to try the street corn wine, red rice noodle super special only this area.

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Moc Chau Plateau

Moc Chau is beautiful all year round, beautiful in four seasons. It is so charming that you can admire the special beauty in the time that even there are only the dried trees. Moc Chau is only 200km away from Hanoi. There are many colourful hills of tea, white fields, plum blossom valleys, blooming forest peach showing spring colours… It is difficult to say all that Moc Chau has, but once booking Vietnam Private Tour to Moc Chau, you will have the unforgettable moment.