Every time you mention Hanoi, you will be in the eyes of a busy Hanoi with 36 streets, ancient houses, or Sword Lake shimmering lights in the center of the city.

But rare visitors may know that the capital is also the cradle of traditional northern villages, famous for its unique and exquisite products. These products have contributed greatly to preserving the national cultural identity and bringing Vietnamese culture introduced to all regions of the world.

However, to discover all the famous trade villages, a Hanoi daily tour can hardly meet your needs. Each village has its own traditional values, but not all craft villages thrive on tourism. If some popular tours such as Duong Lam tours or Bat Trang tours can be easily found at the Vietnam Tourist Information, in addition to the other villages almost no daily tour to visit.Below are some of the most famous craft villages in Vietnam for those who would love to explore the traditional beauty in Vietnam.

Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang is an ancient village located next to the Red River, from the ancient people lived and developed by the ceramics. From the technique of creating enamel and precise kiln technique along with blowing “soul” into the work, the artisans here have skillfully created a special ceramic product in harmony with composition and color. Elegant for the sophistication of the people – is the Bat Trang pottery.Certainly, when referring to the traditional craft villages, Bat Trang pottery village will be a destination that young people love and want to go there first. By here, you can try yourself to participate directly in the process of creating ceramic products with their own shapes.

Van Phuc silk village

When visiting this village, you will visit the textile workshop, learn the process to create smooth silk, from the stage such as silk sewing, spinning, stitching to dyeing … Each stage must Conduct under strict regulations, the new product is famous throughout the country – Ha Dong silk (Vạn Phúc silk).Ha Dong Silk is a unique piece of silk weaving – the most representative of all textile fibers in Vietnam. The silk here is very durable, beautiful, extremely rich in color, style.

Phu Vinh rattan and bamboo village

Phu Vinh is home to rattan weaving with rattan handicrafts reaching the peak of folk art of Vietnam, with many unique and creative products such as rattan plate, rattan pot, rattan bowl, etc.

Chuông Conical village 

Ever since the image of the familiar conical hat has become one of the bold symbols in the consciousness of the country and people of Vietnam. Across the North, Central and South, there are areas where conical hats carry distinct beauty and nuances.

Thanks to these skillful hands, meticulousness has given birth to the unique hat, unique characteristics of the culture of the North is very popular foreign visitors.

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