Its former name was called Saigon, but its current name is called Ho Chi Minh to commemorate Ho Chi Minh Uncle who was the leader of the nation. Many foreign visitors call the largest city “the pearl of the East” because while the North is influenced by the Chinese, the South is colonized by the American and French. Therefore, Sai Gon’s life is more dynamic than Hanoi’s. Most strange travelers coming to Vietnam also pay a visit the exciting city to feel the differences between first and conclude sides of Vietnam. If you have an intention to arrive the city, drop Vietnam Tourist Information right now to learn more about it.

The Weather

Not having four seasons like Hanoi, the noisy city has only two distinct seasons: the rainy season and dry season. Whenever you go out, you should remember to bring umbrella or raincoat because lots of rains come suddenly, rain and stop and rain. On a sunny day, an Average temperature is 27C but is not intense like other places. You will gradually feel cool at night. It is so comfortable to go out.

Some famous places

The weather in Sai Gon is not intensely hot like Hanoi, so taking a trip to come here with Sai Gon City Tours is so good for you. You are able to escape from the severely hot weather in the capital and discover the international notable places like Independence Palace, Ben Thanh Market, Duc Ba Church.

Independence Palace

You also call it Reunification Palace designed by Ngo Viet Phuc. It was the home and workplace of the president of the South Vietnam during a war period. When coming here, you are certainly shocked in front of beauty which mixed rituals, national identity, and modern architectural art harmoniously. It seems sure that you learn more about presidents and their family’s life when observing and having a professional- speaking English guides of Tours in Vietnam telling you.

Ben Thanh Market

Reunification Palace is as a witness to history through the Fluctuations of the times, so is Ben Thanh Market in District 1 which is one of the earliest surviving structures in Saigon and an important symbol of Hồ Chí Minh City. It is a great site for tourists stop to buy souvenirs, local handicrafts, textiles for friends and family. More interestingly, you have a chance to taste delicious real street style local food. Chefs will cook in front of you so you are free to eat while food is always hot.

In conclusion, Ho Chi Minh City will leave you unforgettable memories in mind with life style or many reputable spots not only above but having other places like Duc Ba Church, Vietnam museum…

Beside this, you can travel to Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Sa Pa to discover Vietnam