Spring of the delta is the bustling preparation for Tet, is the shop full of goods for people, the fashion brands compete for each other so that people can wear nice clothes on Tet … So also how is the spring in the mountains of northern Vietnam? Check-in some of the famous landmarks of tourism and the beautiful scenery of the Northern Mountains, surely you will be surprised and interested.

Moc Chau

Moc Chau has four beautiful seasons, is the plateau with green tea hills, the green pastures which have attracted many youngsters to explore and enjoy the peaceful moments. In the spring, Moc Chau seems to wear a new coat when the plateau is covered with the fresh green of tea leaves, and decorated with pristine white plum blossoms spreading across the valley interwoven with beautiful rapeseed flowers, peach flowers lightly blossoming, welcoming a new spring full of vitality.

Moc Chau plateau in early spring has the sunlight penetrated the layers of mist, making the new days shimmering in the cold wind. The high plateau is beautiful and peaceful in a strange manner when you enjoy a cup of coffee and admire the charming scenery around, when you welcome the wind on the peak of Pha Luong, when you go to each village to meet the indigenous people, listen to their story, look at how they work with eyes sparkling and full joy.


Whenever the spring comes, Sa Pa town becomes colder than ever before, even the lowest temperature causes snow to fall on the roof, cover across the road and the grass. However, you will feel warmer when you have a chance to admire a spring of Sapa Vietnam with pink peach blossom, and Chayote green spreading on the hillsides.

Spring to this town is so gentle, making everyone’s footsteps slow as they take a walking through small towns. And joining in a Sapa trekking tour through the villages, it seems that you have more motivation in the pleasant weather and sunshine spreading out.

Mau Son

“The roof of northeastern” welcomes the spring with the cold wind, clouds and fog covered the way. Walking from the foot of the pass, from the high mountain, you will see the winding beautiful way, feeling the miracle of Mother Nature bestowing this land.

Mau Son is not well known in the tourist map but is a great resort for your spring holidays. Surely you will feel satisfied when being immersed in the cool air, enjoy delicious hot dishes, pamper your belly in the cold of highlands.

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Ha Giang

Spring on the stone plateau is so beautiful that there is no word can describe. The charm is the bright yellow of rapeseed garden, pink peach garden, the white plum trees in front of the house. Which is the road full of the spring sunshine, winding through the high mountains. The mountains are hiding in the mist of early morning, clouds and mountains in the sky blend into each other, making people fall in love with the charm of Ha Giang spring.

If there is a nomination for the Best destination in Vietnam in spring, Ha Giang will definitely be in the top. Indeed, everyone to Ha Giang also remembers forever Ha Giang spring with colorful coat shimmering in the mist.