Ta Dung Lake, “Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands”

Ta Dung nature reserve with the highlight is Ta Dung Lake considered as Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands. The wilderness of Ta Dung Lake, together with the ecological characteristics have created a charming attraction for visitors on Vietnam Package Tours when setting foot on this land.

How to reach Ta Dung Lake

Located in Dak Som Commune, Dak G’long District, Dak Nong province, Ta Dung Nature Reserve covers an area of 21,307 ha, surrounded by the mountain range with an elevation of 1.982m. The bottom is a unique lake that is not easy to find anywhere. Ta Dung lake is considered as Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands by tourists, with a poetic landscape attracting people.

The ecology and landscape are diverse. In the Ta Dung forest, there are many endemic species of plants and animals discovered and existing. Ta Dung is an attractive destination for visitors of Travel Companies in Vietnam to explore nature.

Ta Dung is 45km from Gia Nghia town – the administrative, economic and cultural center of Dak Nong Province; It is a geographic and biological crossroads between South Highlands and the South East. The land of Dak Nong is composed of the quite rich geological feature, especially the unique mountains are shaped like bowls such Ta Dung.

There are two ways to reach Ta Dung. In a first way, you follow National Highwway14 towards Dak Nong, go to Gia Nghia town and then go National Highway 28 through Quang Khe district to Ta Dung.

The second way is from Ho Chi Minh City following Highway 20 to Di Linh, then from here to Highway 28.

Things to do in Ta Dung Lake

When watching Ta Dung Lake above, make sure you will be surprised by the beauty of nature with over 36 large or small islands on the lake. You can rent boats to enjoy the peaceful space while surfing on the calm lake. You can choose an island to be in harmony with nature with the clouds, mountains, and forests.

When you come here, you can travel by boat to enjoy the scenery and breathe the fresh air, visit the fish raft house, and organize camping activities next to the lake, to be so close with nature. Ta Dung Lake is still very wild, especially the lake area is a combination of completely quiet space with the unique charming scene.

Nothing is better than sitting quietly and waiting for the last sunlights disappearing gradually after the majestic mountains. And in the next morning, when you wake up, in front of you is a romantic scene harmonious with the howls of gibbons in one place where there are drifting clouds.

Going inside Ta Dung Nature Reserve, you will meet the Dak N’teng stream, Dak Plao stream … flowing and forming the most attractive mysterious waterfalls such as Dak Pla Waterfall, Bay Tang waterfall, Sun Waterfall, etc. Digne Klan waterfall is located in Dak Som Commune, surrounded by flat rock, with many scattered ancient trees, very convenient for tourists on Tours in Vietnam to camp overnight and enjoy the atmosphere of the mountains.

Besides the immense landscape, the image of indigenous people – Ma people living harmoniously with nature attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.

The lake is really beautiful, completely worthy of the name Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands. Fresh air here makes people forget all the sorrows.

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