In all traditional holidays of Vietnam, Tet or the Lunar New Year Holiday is the most important holiday of the Vietnamese. Although people are busy in Tet, they still always look forward to those days because it is the time people go home, relax and gather together after a busy year. There are some beauties of Tet that still are remained today.

Kitchen God Holiday

According to the Vietnamese belief, there are 3 Gods taking care for the kitchen of each household. Anually, on 23rd of the last month of the Lunar Year, the Vietnamese prepare to delicate for the Gods and when coming to the Heaven, the Gods will report business of the household in the whole year to the King of Heaven. It is considered as the first event of Tet. It is important for every family to have a carp to give to the gods. The Gods will ride the carp to the heaven.

Gathering on Tet

Tet is an occasion that all family members will come back home after a busy year. In the New Eve, every people will sit on the living room, chat with each other and share their stories in the last year.

Tet is the union, Tet is the gathering. That idea is deep in mind of the Vietnamese people. Therefore, whenever they go, they still remember to go home in Tet. Go home to hava a meal with the family and to show your delicacy to your grandparents.

Wrapping Chung cake and Tet cake

From the Hung King dynastry, Vietnam has been over 4 thousands of country establishment and development. Along with the time, making Chung cake and Tet cake is the most important thing of Tet. Chung cake in a square shape is popular in the North of Vietnam while Tet cake in a long shape is wellknown in the South area. Both of cakes are made from green bean, sticky rice, and pork. All these ingredients are wrapped into greean leaves.  The cakes after wrapping are boiled into 100 cencious during more than 8 hours and people often enjoy the cake with Pickleed welsh onion.

Giving lucky money and best wishes exchange

On the first day of the year, all family members will gather at the home of grandparents to show their gratefulness to their ancestor. The younger will give lucky money and best wishes to the elders and the children with hope to bring good luck and happiness to them. Every one also exchanges their best wishes for the New Year.

According to Vietnam Tourist Information, nowadays, the Vietnamese people often go travel in Tet Holiday. Most of them join Sapa Package Tours, or Hoian City Tour to enjoy after the first three days of Tet.