Dalat is so beautiful that having just arrived in Da Lat dream city even once, people fall in love with it. Especially, Dalat has Than Tho Lake, a charming natural painting, a legendary picture connecting the past with the present.

Than Tho Lake is located near the Army Academy school, about 6 km from the center of Da Lat tourist destination on the way leading to Chi Lang.

People living for a long time still call Than Tho lake with the name Suong Mai (Morning Mist) because every early morning, the lake surface is covered with the fuzzy smog like bringing the whispers of the past.

At the time when the French discovered Da Lat, this place was still wild. Standing near the lake, people only listened to the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves like sad non-verbal music, so the French named the lake as Lacdes Soupirs with the meaning of murmur or lament. That lament is that of heaven and earth, of nature, of the hearts of people who are still immersed in their sorrow, is the sound of the past, imbued in the present and the future.

The north of Than Tho Lake – the legendary Dalat scene is an immense pine hill, the pine trees are planted sparsely, the same height. However, this pine hill is more specifically famous with the name “Hill of two graves”. This name makes the place – Than Tho Lake – covered with breathing of memories.

Previously, Than Tho Lake was just a pure natural lake, used as a water reservoir by French people. gradually Than Tho lake became a beautiful sight in indispensable Dalat of this plateau.

Coming to Than Tho Lake is coming with a space filled with the green of the green natural grass, stretching endlessly, blending in the symphony of the colors of flowers, in the gentle sunshine sparkling on the lake surface … they all settled in the hearts of every person who set foot here.

A moment of peace in the soul, a minute of silence in romantic but sad love story will be relaxing moments for visitors on Tour in Vietnam seeking a fulcrum for the soul. Around the lake, there are simple lodges that suit the landscape, which helps visitors to take a little breakfast, take a sip of water to continue the energy to explore the Lake Than Tho. In addition, visitors on Vietnam package Tours can take commemorative photos, ride horses around the scenic lake with horse services and horse cattleman to ensure safety for visitors.

Than Tho Lake – Proof of eternal love

Coming to Than Tho lake – Best destination in Vietnam, it is not only to come to a charming natural picture but also a journey back to the past, with the love story that echoed in that mountain.

At that time, in this land, a beautiful love has flourished in joy, in the double wish between the couple Hoang Tung and Mai Huong.

In the 18th century, when the hero Nguyen Hue chased the invaders of the Qing dynasty, the villagers were called to join the army, Hoang Tung joined the army, bringing the youth to protect his homeland, strike out the invaders.

As time passed, suddenly one day, Mai Huong received the information that her lover sacrificed in battle. Too sad, she killed herself into Than Tho Lake. Hoang Tung returned from the fierce battlefield, and knew Mai Huong passed away, he went to the lake, mourned and also killed himself to follow his lover. A sad ending has closed the beautiful love on the Lake Than Tho.

Today, Ho Than Tho has become one of the most famous scenes in Da Lat, not only that the love story and the beautiful style in this place have become an endless inspiration for many poets life of unique poems and music.

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