A strange name

All people who have the passion of art or backpackers in Da Lat – Best destination in Vietnam almost know the “cloud hunting” point of Dalat on the hill Thien Phuc Duc – where you will really get lost in the heaven of the dreamy mist land. This seems to be a very personal space of the artist soul. Because the road is hard to find and hard to travel so you must really determined, you can go to this place.

The name of Thien Phuc Duc is not familiar to visitors who go to this dreamy land, Dalat. Tourists who search Vietnam Tourist Information often hear about Lang Biang, about big crowded tourist spots, or new blooming flower fields. However, facing the famous Lang Biang Mountain, Thien Phuc Duc Hill is mysterious, and also peaceful. Nearly 6km from the center of Dalat city, this beautiful hill is quite strange with almost all tourists and local people, but quite familiar with the artists, the travelers love to explore, the people love Da Lat.

How to reach the hill?

Since this is a hill that has not yet been put into tourism, there is no hint of hustle or bustle, shops are deserted and the streets are quiet as if this is the place that the noise cannot reach.

It is not too difficult for you to set foot in Thien Duc Phuc Hill that is not too high, this hill is only high enough for you to stand here and watch the fog city below. Like the “cloud hunting” in the “heaven’s gate” of Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda, if you would like to come to Thien Phuc Duc Hill in the most beautiful moment, you have to wake up early in the morning, “hunting clouds” at around 5am to be able to just watch “the sea of clouds”  and sunrise.

To get to this hill, visitors of Vietnam package Tours need guidance from a familiar, then climb up the hill about 20 minutes to the top. This is a beautiful place for you to discover the primitive nature of an ancient Dalat that Alexandre Yersin loved in the past. From this hill, you can not only see a beautiful Dalat, see the sea of clouds early in the morning, but also admire the flowers of the forest, admire the charming landscape that artists are still fascinated.

The unforgettable scenery

In the midst of an early foggy morning, in the brilliant sunrise, there will be moments when you see this place beautiful as a paradise where you can enjoy all the scenery that cannot be described in detail. You will be delighted to capture the beautiful pictures of each moving moment among this impressive space.

The evergreen pine forest is hidden in the morning dew, mysteriously hidden on the indifferent “cloud river”, each house roof tiny in the city under the sweet and gentle sunshine of the morning, … each one will be recorded in your eyes from the moment you set foot to the top. All the beauty of the hill is really attractive to those who love Da Lat.

Located opposite Lang Biang so you can see the sunrise after the majestic mountains or can give you beautiful frames of this place at sunset. At the moment the sun goes down the mountain, the last rays left behind by the trees and the thin mist that is gradually melting into space is also an attractive scene that you should not miss. There is sunset when the sky brightens dreaming purple light, you surely will be immersed in that space and forget to return home!

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