In addition to its traditional culture and landscape, World Cultural Heritage has a lot of interesting experiences that if you find it hard to understand, it will be very useful for your trip. Vietnam is one mall country but when you come here, much beautiful nature or landscape will surprising you, for example, Sapa Vietnam, Halong Bay Vietnam, etc. If you want to visit Hoi An by yourself instead of taking one eco tour in Hoi An or Hoian city tour, you can refer to some things I point below.

Walking along the streets of Hoi An

When you come to the old town, the best thing is to stroll around the streets, look at old houses with old tile roof, enjoy the glass of lotus. Many places associated with Hoi An Ancient Town should visit the main street of Tran Phu, Japanese Bridge, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Bach Dang Street along Hoai River, etc.

Biking to explore the old town: it is an interesting thing to come here. In the early morning and evening, the weather is very pleasant, it is a good time to rent a bike, then ride around the streets, alleys, along Hoai River, or to Cua Dai Beach (5 km from the old town).

Sitting drinking coffee on high, watching the old roof in Hoi An: Many people must have known Hoi An through the old one-storey houses, roof tile color time. So, the feeling of sitting in the coffee shop and enjoying the sunset on the roofs of ancient houses, watching the flow of people walking back and forth will make many people find the new Hoi An.

Enjoy the sidewalk dishes: Wander around the streets of Hoi An, you will encounter delicious and cheap pavement dishes. Sit over and enjoy the special taste and aroma of these dishes to feel a real peace Hoi An.

Cyclo watching the old town: If you are afraid to walk or bike, you should choose cyclo as a means of transportation to explore the ancient town of Hoi An. Cyclo has become a well-known “brand”, known to many visitors, not to be forgotten as elsewhere. This will be a pretty enjoyable experience for you.

Recording memories: Hoi An is a place that has many beautiful and ancient corners for you to record the memorial picture. You can choose the ancient roof tiles or famous sites such as the wall in Hoang Van Thu, Japanese bridge, Hoi An bridge, to make a photo.

Enjoy the best bread in the world in Hoi An: Hoi An Bread by David Farley, the BBC correspondent for travel and food commentary, is “the best sandwich in the world”. Grilled pork, pate, cucumber slices together with vegetables and meat sauce are typical characteristics of Hoian bread extremely delicious, attractive.

Lantern Street: To mention Hoi An, many people will remember the vibrant lanterns at night. Under the hands of talented local craftsmen, many lanterns are created in full color and size. Lamps appearing all over the street and in the shops made eye-catching and lightweight, are ideal for travelers to buy as souvenirs.

Take a boat and drop lanterns on the Hoai River: If you come to Hoi An, you have not had a boat trip along the Hoai River and dropping lights on it. You rent a small boat along the river, and manually drop down the small sparkling lights, hoping to bring good luck to family and relatives.

Visit Sa Huynh Culture Museum: You will understand more about the culture and history of Hoi An ancient town when visiting Sa Huynh culture museum Hoian located at 149 Tran Phu. This is the place to display the most unique and rich collection in Vietnam, with over 1,000 objects relating to ancient residents of Sa Huynh culture dating back 2,000 years.