Shopping in Hoi An attracts visitors by its very special selling style. The Hoi An people are not heavy in competition, they sell that feel like not selling anything; Guests can come, choose, ask and look at hours … If you do not buy, shopkeeper still smiling and thank you when you step out the door. It is very upstream of the Hoi An people, not every region. Join the eco tour in Hoi an to stop over at the old town for choosing some special kind of souvenirs for your friends and family.

Hoi An was a crowded commercial port from the 16th centuries, where trains from China, Japan, and the Netherlands have come to an end. Today, traces of the ancient port are still the same. Of the handicraft industry that visitors to Hoi An not only resort but also shopping, the very special type of shopping in “Hoi An”. For the more special trip, you can also discover Hue with Hue city tour to enjoy the most beautiful nature and local products that central area has brought to you!

Hoi An Handicraft products

The Old Town’s center is a series of showrooms. The goods are sealed, quiet in the premises of the old houses on the street, without exposing the sidewalk.

All of the merchandise sold here is made by hand. The first is to mention the arts and crafts with high-grade materials, such as marble, carvings, agate until the villagers like terracotta, coconut shell, sea snails, etc, are the Artisans are made into bracelets, necklace cute, attractive to all visitors. Next is silk. Silk is used to sew lovely lanterns, sew the purse or make a dress with a lovely outline, charming for young girls.

The area of Hoi An is sunny year round, the average temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius, cool all day. However, as this is a busy commercial port with many merchant ships from the West landing as French, Portuguese and Dutch ships centuries ago, they probably have left here the shoe industry. And winter clothing.

Hoi An leather shoes and warm clothes

Leather pieces imported from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand are sewn into unique shoes, Western tourists are extremely fond of. And the Northern people came to Hoi An anyway tried to make a pair of shoes just feet and sew some warm clothes for winter. More specifically, after 12 hours order, visitors have the leather shoes or embroidered hand dress.

Once to Hoi An, a glimpse of the romantic Hoai River, whether eating Cao Lau in a luxury restaurant or a bowl of Quang noodle, you will not forget the charm of this land, one of the best destination in Vietnam!