Each of the North West highlanders has its own unique features, attracting travelers from all over the country. This time, step wandering to the land of Van Ho – a “neighbor friend” of the tourism paradise Moc Chau! Van Ho promises to open an impressive world, helping you have an unforgettable Son La travel!

Van Ho is a highland district in Son La, the neighboring land of Moc Chau, separated from Moc Chau district with 14 communes from mid-2013. Van Ho is one of the districts with great potential for tourism development. A variety of attractive services in the highland.

Explore Van Ho – you will not only be setting foot on the new land where you have never been before, visit the wild nature, experience many interesting and new things but also be close with the local people at the tourist sites and join the simple, rustic life with the ethnic minority people.

Coming to Van Ho, you will be walking on the hills Shan Tuyet fresh green four-season, luxuriant pine forest more than 20 years old, watching the valley full of pure white rapeseed flowers, enjoy the beauty of the peach flowers radiantly blooming, the plum blossom beautiful on spring days. Space has become dreaming, sweet and so poetic making so many people fluttered and immersed themselves in the beauty of this land!

Van Ho land is the convergence of majestic natural scenery. White waterfalls, cool streams, spectacular caves, and mysterious old jungles will make you excited. Plan your trip, climb mountains and cross the forest and explore all.

Visitors on Vietnam Small Group Tours can also take a dugout canoe, explore the majestic landscape, lyrical landscape like the painting drawn from the hands of talented artists. Welcoming a sunset in a quiet afternoon here, you will be more close, harmony with nature with a sense of peace, relaxation, and freedom.

Every imagery of nature will appear in front of you. You will be delighted to watch and “hunt” the most beautiful photo for yourselves. In the vast pristine natural space, people seem to be so small but at the same time, you will be so excited to discover this new land.

During the trip made by Travel Companies in Vietnam to Van Ho, do not miss the opportunity to visit the village and experience a new rustic life with Na Bai, Long Luong, Phu Mau villages, … This will be where you can rest to enjoy a simple life in the highlands after the journey. In these community attractions, locals are friendly, hospitable and welcoming to the travelers, so you can learn more about the culture and chat with ethnic people.

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You will be involved in community activities, plant, harvest together with local people and enjoy delicious meals such as five-color sticky rice, fried stream fish, roasted pork meat, wild vegetables, and many other specialties. At the same time, you will also get into the exciting and jubilant air with the drum, the gong resounding in the mountains or attracted before the lyrics, traditional dances of ethnic girls.

During the trip to explore Van Ho, you will temporarily away from the noisy city, easily forget the worries in life, leaving behind the boredom and welcome new inspirations, new emotions in the journey of exploration in the Northwest Highlands.

With its unique features, Van Ho is increasingly attracting many visitors, becoming a Best destination in Vietnam for visitors coming to North West in general and Son La in particular. If you are interested in exploring, enjoying the experience and always excited before the new things, then plan a “backpacking” trip with wild mountains in Van Ho!