The Wonderful Caves In Vietnam (Part 3)

The caves shimmering and fanciful spread throughout the country. There are the caves has become a popular tourist destination for many visitors, but there are also wild and mysterious caves, which are fascinating for visitors to explore, but whether familiar or untouched, they are also wonderful marvels of Natural, worth to be a part of your trip.

Son Doong Cave

Son Doong cave is the biggest Vietnamese pride in natural cave masterpieces when selected as the largest and most beautiful cave in the world.

Son Doong Cave is also one of the caves in Quang Binh Province, but visiting Son Doong is not as easy as other caves. You must register for Tours in Vietnam in limited numbers, exercise and must pass a medical examination with difficult conditions.

Son Doong has a unique ecosystem including streams, lakes, trees, waterfalls, flora and fauna, creating spectacular landscapes.

Discovering Son Doong cave, you will be able to admire the huge stalactites, the cave is high and wide with beautiful veinstone. The stalactites in Son Doong cave is like a sculpture of nature that no place can compare.

Nearly “priceless pearl collection” is “Eden”. Eden is a part where the roof of the Son Doong cave collapsed many years ago, creating conditions for the light to enter, let the luxuriant trees grow, creating a wonderful forest in the middle of the cave. Eden is very large, there are all kinds of trees that making a ecosystems diversity.

Sung Sot Cave

World Heritage Ha Long Bay has many beautiful caves in which, Sung Sot cave on Bo Hon Island is the large and most beautiful cave. The French had gone to Sung Sot cave since 1901 and called this cave Grotte des surprises (The cave of Surprise) for its amazing beauty.

To go to Sung Sot cave, you will be on Halong Bay Cruises to Bo Hon island and climb on the mountain. The cave entrance is narrow but open to a wide world that brings range of emotions for visitors.

Sung Sot cave has three compartments, ceilings and cave floor undulating with blocks of stalactites like a wave carpet, sometimes looking like clouds. The stalactites glistening, stone statues, stone elephants …, all appear before the visitors on Halong Bay Day Tours in a vivid manner.

Tu Lan Cave

Located about 70km northwest of Phong Nha, Tu Lan Cave is still unspoiled, owns the marvelous nature in the limestone mountains. In order to see these gorgeous images, you will pass the rugged mountains, cross the jungle, walk among the vast valleys, wade muddy slides and swim in dark rivers in water cave below 20 degrees C. But the reward for your effort is the magical beauty of stalactites, the mystery of the underground river and wild nature of the forest in Tu Lan Cave.

In Tu Lan Cave, there is a very large dry cave, with two large gates connected to each other, which allows the light to shine into the cave, allowing us to observe the system of stalactites and landscapes under natural light. Set foot under the cool water to look up to the endless vivid stalactites and stalagmites with stone artwork, glittering as the diamond which contribute to the image of your trip more complete.

Nhi Thanh Cave

Nhi Thanh is located northwest of Lang Son city. Nhi Thanh is honored as one of four landscapes of Lang Son, including: Nhi Thanh cave, Tam Thanh pagoda, Mac Dynasty citadel and To Thi statue.

Nhi Thanh Cave is located in the heart of a large limestone mountain, the wide gate is covered by large rocks and ancient trees. Through a small bridge over the stream, you will set foot in the cave.

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The deeper you go, the more stalactites and stalagmites there are, beautiful and shimmering. The light shines all over the place, making the space in the cave brighten like a fanciful stage.