The stream bending through the dense forest and the rocks, falling to form the Yang Bay waterfall as the hair of the girl in the monumental mountain.

How to come Yang Bay?

Located about 45 km from Nha Trang, Yang Bay Fall (Khanh Phu Commune, Khanh Vinh District) lies at an altitude of over 100 m above sea level, nestled between pristine forest and hilly mountains. The road to the Yang Bay waterfall is covered two tree lines with brilliant colors around years.

From the distance, visitors will see a torrent waterfall, in a space filled with the green of the forest. You will have a very pleasant feeling when you are immersed in the clear space of the semi-mountainous region, watching the charming scenery.

The love story of this waterfall

According to the story of local people here, “Yang Bay” means sky fall in the language of Raglai people. The legend is that in the mountains of Gia Kang there were many smooth and flat stones like chess boards. God and the fairies often came down here and celebrated the spring party.

Interested in the charming scenery here, the youngest fairy often disguised as a villager to come to the villages and admire the simple life of people in the world. Then she fell in love with a poor guy in the village.

Disagreeing with this love, God was angry and turned the guy into stone. Still attaching to this lover, the youngest fairy decided to stay to guard the stone statue. God was so angry that he made all rivers, lakes, and pond dry around years.

Confused and frustrated due to drought, two toads crying until they were exhausted and died.

Knowing this, God deeply regreted, his tears flowing to the place where the mother toad lay to form a large waterfall, the other place of the other toad to form a small waterfall. To memorate the story about the toads and all kinds of species, people have named the great falls are Yang Bay (God’s waterfall), small falls are Yang Khang (God’s child).

The beauty of Yang Bay Waterfall

At Yang Bay, visitors will feel the sparkling beauty of the stream winding through dense forests and the rocks, flowing into the waterfall as the hair of the timid Raglai girl in the vast mountain.

From the bottom of the fall, visitors of Tours in Vietnam will be surprised with the waterfall strongly flowing, the water rushed to the cliff. In the summer, water is extremely cool and clear. At night, the scenery is covered with cold fog and mist.

At the foot of Yang Bay waterfall is a vast lake. The water is so clear that you can see the stone plate under the lake. Surrounding the lake is many trees with brilliant colors. The groups of the visitors of Vietnam package Tours can joke and enjoy the coolness of the water, forget the worries of daily life.

After playing with the water, following the high mountain roads with many cliffs, you will reach the top of the falls. From here, you will see the grandeur of the sky and this fall. Tourist in Vietnam Travel Agent can enjoy the alluring view with the clouds, the water flowing through the moss and trees on both sides.

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