1. Introduction to Bach Dinh – a famous tourist destination in Vung Tau

Bach Dinh is a very famous tourist destination located on a hillside on Big Mountain, address: No. 4 Tran Phu Street, Ward 1, Vung Tau City. It is also known as Villa Blanche, meaning White Villa (in French). Bach Dinh is one of the tourist destinations in Vung Tau built from the French period, bearing the French architecture that still exists today.

White Palace was built and completed in 4 years (from 1898 – 1902). This lavish building was built as a resort in Vung Tau for Indochinese Governor-General, King Bao Dai and presidents in Vietnam.

The location of Bach Dinh construction is very beautiful, the frontispiece is facing the sea, the back of the building is the mountain extremely firmly. The building is built in French architecture with 3 floors, 19m high and 25m wide. The whole building is covered with a new pure white paint so it is called White Villa. Not only the exterior architectural design but also the structural design, the interior of Bach Dinh also is in French architecture, full of art.

  1. How does the road go to Bach Dinh?

To get to Bach Dinh, tourists on Vietnam Private Tour can move along 2 roads. The first road is a section of an asphalt road on both sides of the road that is full of ga ty trees. This road leads visitors straight to the White Palace lobby. If you travel by motorbike or car, choose to move on this road.

The second road leads to the White Villas is a stairway that passes through beautiful old Plumeria trees. This road has a total of 146 ancient style steps. If you love romance and like to take photos, choose to walk to Bach Dinh on this street. If you are sophisticated, visitors on Tours in Vietnam will get their own beautiful shots.

  1. Explore the interior of the White Palace

Bach Dinh is a beautiful tourist destination in Vung Tau with classical French architecture. The basement of the villa is built as a kitchen for cooking. The ground floor of the villa is a place to welcome guests. In the ground floor is decorated lavishly with many ancient artefacts used to decorate such as Song Binh Bach Dieu Chau Phung (Big ancient flower vase with an image of hundreds of birds combined into a phoenix), the royal sofa made by wood from the reign of Khai Dinh 1921 or pairs of African ivory longer than 170cm …

The first floor is the resting place of King Bao Dai and presidents. The first floor is designed with many windows, each window opens a different beautiful view overlooking Vung Tau beach and Vung Tau city.

In addition to the interior, Bach Dinh also has many unique accents such as the decorative details of the wall bearing many European women faces, the way to the White Palace with beautiful old Plumeria trees, cannon outside the villa …

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