Located along the foot of Minh Dam Mountain, Long Hai Beach is famous for its poetic beauty, peaceful and wild charm. If tourists on Tours in Vietnam are planning to spend the weekend at Long Hai beach in Vung Tau, let’s read the following article for more information for the trip.

  1. Road to Long Hai beach

Long Hai Sea is located about 100km from Saigon city, about 12km from Vung Tau city. This beach is located in Long Hai commune, Long Dien district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province. The climate here is cool all year round so tourists on Vietnam package Tours can visit Long Hai at any time of the year. However, Long Hai is most beautiful in October and November because at this time, outside of the good weather, there is also a flourishing cherry blossom forest.

To go to Long Hai beach, visitors can go by:

– Cars: Visitors go to the East bus station and buy tickets to Long Hai for 65,000 VND – 95,000 VND / ticket. The route to Long Hai from Saigon is quite a lot, from 4 am to 19:30 pm (this time is the last trip on a day).

– Motorbike: This is the most commonly used vehicle for Long Hai because this beach is one of the tourist destinations near Vung Tau and the road is easy to go. Visitors can follow the road to Highway 1A, Dong Nai Bridge and then Vung Tau T-junction, then go to Highway 51 and follow the provincial road 44A to Long Hai.

Or tourists go from Saigon to Cat Lai ferry, then follow Nhon Trach road to Highway 51 to Vung Tau city and to Long Hai. This road is about 20km shorter than the mentioned road.

– Hydrofoil: Tourists go from Saigon port to Vung Tau wharf and take other means to Long Hai. This is suitable for travellers who come to resort in Vung Tau, then go to Long Hai.

  1. Things to do in Long Hai Sea?

Long Hai Sea is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Vung Tau, first of all thanks to the beach of this place. The beach here is gentle, the golden sand stretches, the scenery is still wild. Compared to many other beaches of Vung Tau, Long Hai beach is quite empty, clean water and scenery are equally charming.

There are vast blue beaches in sight. There are beaches that carry a breath of life with basket boats scattered on the coast, boats and fishing boats of fishermen waiting on the shore. There are sections on one side that are the sea, one on the forest that really eye-catching. Long Hai Sea attracts tourists because of its diverse scenery.

Another highlight of Long Hai beach is fresh seafood with much cheaper price than other beaches in Vung Tau. Long Hai Seafood Market is famous for its fresh and affordable seafood dishes. Many tourists choose to come to Long Hai instead of Vung Tau beach to enjoy the airy and peaceful atmosphere in this place and to enjoy the seafood without having to worry too much about their own wallet.

Connected to the beach is Nuoc Ngot Pass, another tourist destination that has also been enjoyed recently ofLong Hai. Nuoc Ngot Pass is a short pass with beautiful scenery, wide and flat sandy beach that is suitable for camping, setting sleeping tents, barbecue parties and campfires. On the other side of the pass is a forest of cherry trees which in the season of blooming flowers are very romantic and brilliant.

In addition, tourists can go to Dinh Co beach to explore the animals and plants under the water every occasion of ebb tide. Dinh Co beach is also quite long, the waves are not strong, suitable for swimming and playing sports activities on the wide sand.

Travelers on Vietnam Small Group Tours who like to climb mountains can conquer Minh Dam mountain, a 200m high mountain of Long Hai.

Minh Dam Mountain has caves lurking in the luxuriant forest. When climbing the mountain, visitors will see the panoramic view of Long Hai. Visitors can climb mountains, picnic, picnic or camp to enjoy the fresh air of the leafy forest. With both sea and mountain characteristics, Long Hai is one of Vung Tau’s most popular tourist destinations, especially on weekends and short holidays.

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