Beautiful Islands In Nha Trang (Part 1)

  1. Hon Mun

Hon Mun Island is considered the most poetic island, the most beautiful in the island system of Nha Trang. Hon Mun Island is located in the southeast of Bong Nguyen Island, about 10 km from Cau Da port (it takes 45 minutes to come to Hon Mun from the jetty). The name of Mun Island comes from the origin that there are rocky outcrops, high and dangerous cliffs forming rock caves with pure black like ebony. Therefore, people often call this island Hon Mun. Hon Mun Island is praised by many tourists on Vietnam package Tours and is considered one of the most beautiful “aquariums” in Southeast Asia sea.

Hon Mun Island is like a pearl in the sea of Nha Trang. Taking Cruise or ship to visit Hon Mun Island, visitors not only admire the beauty on the “surface” but also have the opportunity to discover the extremely unique beauty in the “bottom” of the sea (if you participate in coral diving tours in Nha Trang). In Hon Mun area and around Hon Mun island, the seabed is a wonderful world with beautiful and colourful marine species and coral reefs. If you do not participate in coral diving tours, you can also see the beauty of corals or marine species on Hon Mun Island by glass bottom boat.

Traveling to Nha Trang, many tourists come to visit Hon Mun Island because of the natural beauty that is bestowed to this sea. Hon Mun Island is also considered the first and only marine protected area in Vietnam recognized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Thus, Hon Mun Island in Nha Trang is not only an attractive destination for many Vietnamese tourists and international tourists but also attracts biologists, scientists come here to study.

  1. Hon Mot

Among the most beautiful islands in Nha Trang, tourists on Tours in Vietnam often go to Hon Mot Island. This is the smallest island in Nha Trang Bay, where some fishermen live. Hon Mot Island is located in the southeast of Nha Trang city, about 9km from the shore. Hon Mot is considered a “miniature village picture” among the sea waves. Many tourists go to Nha Trang Tour often stop at this “village on the island” to visit the lives of local people. Guests will see many seafood cages (mainly lobster, often called lobster cage). In addition, there are many fruit gardens on the island, making tourists think that they are travelling in the Mekong Delta. On Vietnam small group tour on Hon Mot Island, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the lives of fishermen here.

There are corals in Hon Mot but not as much as in Hon Mun. This area seems to be more shallow than other areas so visitors can swim and snorkel to admire the coral. Most tours to visit Nha Trang four islands often stop at Hon Mot for lunch. Guests will enjoy lunch with seafood dishes right on the boat, while eating and watching the beautiful scenery. It can be said that Hon Mot is one of the most beautiful and charming islands in Nha Trang Bay. Currently this island is very attractive to tourists visiting Nha Trang island. In addition to diving and watching coral, watching the colorful fish in the water can also participate in water sports games such as diving, jet skiing, fishing, etc.