Tuyen Lam Lake, Dalat

Dalat is a dream city. For anyone who loves peace and tranquillity, when coming to Dalat, it is impossible to ignore the mysterious beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake. Let’s join Tours in Vietnam to share useful information about this place.

Tuyen Lam Lake has a wide of more than 350ha located in the middle of vast and green pine forests. This place is one of the famous places of Dalat, attracting so many domestic and international visitors on Tour in Vietnam.

Tuyen Lam Lake is about 6km from Dalat city center. To reach to Tuyen Lam lake, you go straight to Highway 20 to Prenn Pass and go through Datania Waterfall and then turn left and go more than 1km, you will see the green, poetic Tuyen Lam Lake immediately. Or if you combine visiting Tuyen Lam Lake with a pilgrimage to Truc Lam Zen Monastery, you can choose to go to Da Lat cable car with ticket cost about 70,000 VND – 100,000 VND /pax/turn to go to Thien Vien Truc Lam. From there, you follow the stone steps leading down to Tuyen Lam Lake.

In the past, Tuyen Lam Lake eco-tourism area was called Quang Trung Lake because of its history of anti-French and anti-American history but later changed to Tuyen Lam Lake. The reason for this name is because it is a meeting place between rivers, streams and forest. When you come here, you will feel overwhelmed by the vast space of the lake as embraced by nature.

Nestled between immense pine forests, the climate of Tuyen Lam Lake is very fresh and cool. The dry season in this region lasts for 6 months without rain but the lake is still clear and green all year round. Surrounding Tuyen Lam Lake is three-leafed pine forests that cover the whole mountains. The natural scenery here blends together to create a charming poetic picture.

You just need to spend a night of relaxation at Tuyen Lam Lake Dalat to feel the climate as well as how peaceful the scenery here. Waking up in the morning, the surface of the lake was covered with mist, space became quiet and fancifully strangely. Until the sun rises, the sunlight envelops space, the surface of Lake Tuyen Lam has sparkling blue-green looks so magical. Or taking a walk along the lake in the sunset, you will admire the lake surface turning dark blue, and space here becomes romantic and peaceful. The natural scenery and climate of Tuyen Lam lake are enough to please tourists when they come here.

On beautiful days, visitors can use boats to enjoy nature on the lake. Guests will admire the green pine hills, the water ripple gently, space here is peaceful, gentle, making tourists on Vietnam Small Group Tours think they are lost in fairyland.

In addition to enjoying the nature of Tuyen Lam Lake, you can spend your free time on much other fun and relaxing activities such as fishing on the lake, or exploring the immense green pine forest or camping, taking barbecue parties and chatting with your relatives. Spending a fun evening at Tuyen Lam Lake will give you a very refreshing feeling after the work pressure.

Tuyen Lam Lake is actually a “paradise” for people loving taking photos in Dalat that attracts all visitors. Don’t forget to keep these beautiful photos with your family or friends in this dreamland!

Very easy to visit by car rental service in Dalat and Nha Trang

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