Cat Ba has long been considered as a masterpiece that nature has given to Haiphong by its unique architecture with limestone mountains interwoven with rugged, bumbling and mysterious caves. Cat Ba Archipelago is a population of 367 islands including Cat Ba Island in the southern part of Ha Long Bay. Cat Ba Island, also known as Ngoc Island, is the largest of the 1,969 islands of the Ha Long Bay Island population. Cat Ba tours will give you the most overall view of natural beauty as well as human beings here.

Cat Ba National Park – the harmony of nature

For many years, Cat Ba National Park is an attractive eco-tourism destination and is particularly attractive to adventure travelers. The park has 4,500 ha of primeval forest with intercalary vegetation mixed with broadleaved, coniferous and evergreen broad-leaved lowland forests growing on limestone. The park has a variety of rare animals and plants so it is a place to conserve a variety of genetic resources. The unique point of the park is that there are 22 species recorded in Vietnam Red Book and 6 species listed in the Red Book of the World. Of the animals listed in the Red Book, Cat Ba National Park has white-headed langurs, which are endemic to Cat Ba.

In the morning, when the sun starts to shine, the Cat Ba forest is wrapped up with new clothes, the water droplets on the leaves from the night began to fall. The forest is as vibrant as the sound of the leaves rustling to the wind, the birds whisper roar calling. The first set of visitors is the garden door, this is the place to introduce the garden and also store many pictures and specimen of the garden during the survey, search.

Cat Ba beach – the beauty of freshness

Coming to Cat Ba is the forest, with the sea. Cat Ba sea during this time is quiet, extremely green. If you are traveling on a cruise ship, you can see the small fish swimming in the clear water.

Cat Ba has quite a number of small cruise ships that take visitors to the sea, marine tourism here quite good. Guests only need to inform the hotel where they can take a boat trip to visit Cat Ba. For a long time ago, Cat Ba is famous for Lan Ha Bay – this is a bay in the Ha Long Bay, if you are cruising on Lan Ha Bay to see the mountains and sea, it will surely surprise you and many visitors. From here you can take Halong bay cruise tour to discover the natural world heritage site in Vietnam.

Coming to Cat Ba Beach, visitors can not ignore the famous beach on the island. The beach is only a few hundred meters from the hotel. Going for a few minutes along the coast and then through a small ravine, visitors came to Cat Co 1 beach.

The beach here is beautiful and attracts a lot of visitors in the summer. On weekends, the beach is crowded. Standing far away, towards the end of the beach is a small bridge connecting Cat Co 1 to Cat Tien beach as silk strip across the mountain. Going on the bridge to Cat Tien beach, crossing the obscure crags of the mountain, a new sky as wide open and a beautiful beach mixed with the pristine face before. Here, visitors can bathe, sunbathe and enjoy the fresh breeze blowing from the ocean.

It will be a shortcoming if not to Cat Co Beach 3. This is the latest tourist of Cat Ba island. Cat Co Beach 3 is built quite beautiful and modern, travel here is quite perfect for bathing, resting, eating, etc.

For those who love the sea, love the forest, Cat Ba is one of the best destination in Vietnam about ecotourism. A journey to Cat Ba will help you mix with nature, forget about the hard work of life.

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