Travel sapa always leave each visitor a distinct feeling, not only because Sapa is blessed for a majestic mountain region, lyrical scenery where there is also a place of abundance of cultural identity and daily life of many groups of the ethnic minority. It is, therefore, one of the most attractive destinations in Asia.

Unique festival in sapa

If you have never been to sapa, try to come here and enjoy yourself in the special festive atmosphere that is only held here for Tet holidays.

There are usually two parts of the festival, the “ritual” and the “festival”. The ritual takes place mainly to pray for fresh crops, prosperous rain, and healthy people. The ritual shows very lively lifestyle as well as the desire of people when organizing such festivals.

After the main ceremony is the unique and mysterious dance; Indulgent folk melodies and folk games of human nature.

Therefore, tourists often enjoy when coming to the festival or some special holidays like Jump festival (Tet Nhay) of Red Dao people; Sai San festival; Long Tong festival of Day people, etc, that tourists will have chance to join when taking the trip to Sapa Vietnam at that time, and especially in Sapa 2 days 1 night tour, or Sapa 3 days 4 nights tour. Or if you do not have enough time to get to Sapa, you can join the Mai Chau tour to discover Mai Chau, the place has the same nature, same group ethnic minorities. So at least, you have a chance to see the thing similarity to Sapa.

Love market sapa, where to preserve the memories of love

The most unique to mention is Sapa love market, attractive culture for visitors at home and abroad. Although called the market, but here there are no sellers nor buyers. They come to make friends, to date, to express the feelings. The love market is held every Saturday evening, but from the afternoon, activities like singing, bouncing, dancing are very exciting.

Handicraft products – Color of Sapa

In addition, the richness of the cultural life of the people is reflected in the handicraft products, fine art, brocade traditions are sophisticated and attractive to the magic. The Mong women, Dao, Xa Pho, Pa Di are very good at sensual colors, their brocades always meet the color of nature from the pine, corn, grain to the hill. Mountains, villages … Each brocade product as the living picture of the life of the people and these products have become a familiar souvenir for Sapa tourists.

Sapa culture is also reflected in the culinary culture with delicious dishes made from the ingredients available. Each time different nature Sapa has a personal beauty but whether coming here in any season you will also enjoy delicious food such as barbecue meat steak, armpits pork, fresh salmon, etc.

If you come to Sapa and you do not have the opportunity to enjoy the special things mentioned above, you missed a unique Sapa!

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