Located in the northwestern part of the country, Sa Pa is a highland district of Lao Cai Province, a land of humility, quiet but hidden in the wonders of nature. Sa Pa’s natural landscape is combined with human creativity along with the landscape of the mountains, the green of the forest, as the picture is arranged in a harmonious arrangement creating a region with many scenes, natural beauty dreaming.

Buses – the easiest way to get to Sa Pa

Tourists can choose buses to travel to Sapa, the advantage is that the car will stop at the center town. However, the road to Sapa is quite bumpy, in the rainy season or winter there is often fog, causing some obstacles in the journey. Therefore, if you choose the passenger bus at these times, you need to pay attention to select the car to ensure your safety.

Trains – the most comfortable way to get to Sa pa

Because Sapa, as well as Lao Cai, do not have an airport, the best way to reach this northwestern town is the train. For travelers who are prone to car sickness or travel with children, traveling by train will be a lot easier than taking a car. The trains have different compartments such as hard seats, soft seats, beds with or without air conditioning to choose from. Normally, train tickets from Hanoi to Sapa are almost always available, but tickets must be booked in advance to avoid losing tickets. The train will stop at Lao Cai Station, from here, you can catch the bus, motorbikes taxi or taxi to get to Sapa town about 30km away. The train usually runs in the evening until the next morning to Sapa, during which time you can relax and prepare for the exciting journey ahead.

Means of movements in Sapa

When your feet stand in the middle of the town of Sapa, visitors can enjoy exploring every corner of the ‘northwestern muse’ in various ways. First of all, if you are a motorbike enthusiast, you can rent a motorbike at the motel and hotel, remember that you have to refuel yourself and the car rental here from 6 am to 6 pm.

One more way, also by motorbike but not by yourself, it’s a motorbike taxi ride. If the same group or tourist group, tourists can rent a taxi or book a tour in Sapa to take charge of the tour to the landscapes without having to worry about themselves. Trying a bus trip in Sapa is also fun.

Western tourists and those who love to move around, take a walk around Sapa is one of the experiences not to be missed on that. In Sapa, there are many villages of compatriots, hidden in the green fields and thousands of fresh, like in the fairy tale. So, there is no reason to ignore the opportunity for pedestrians, step through each picture to poetry to feel it all. After exploring, if tired and want to keep strength, tourists can put cars to return to town.

If you do not want to have to worry about your trip then join a sapa Vietnam tour, you will have a guide as well as take care of you during the tour.

If you come to Vietnam and are worried that there is not enough time to visit Sapa, instead of going there you can go to another location, Mai Chau, have similar natural scenery, shorter transfers, and more cost savings. About 3 hours by bus from Hanoi city center. Like Sapa, Mai Chau is also a tourist destination chosen by many tourists. And you can take Mai Chau tour any day of the week.

Whether spring, summer, autumn, winter, each passing to leave sapa lively nature paintings. If you have not had a chance to enjoy Sapa, you missed a beautiful picture of nature!

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