Vietnam is not a new destination for tourists, you can think of Sapa Vietnam, or Halong Bay Vietnam when traveling here. If you do not have any information for your trip and you go to Vietnam travel agent, you will get the same answers. Here are some of my suggestions for interesting travel destinations in Vietnam, hoping to enrich your trip.

Terraced field

In the clips about Vietnam of friends all over the world, images of thousands of terraces always appear with unique beauty. The beautiful terraced fields of four seasons, both large and imposing, are both flexible and poetic. In the fall season, the terraces are glittering with golden light, reflecting the sunlight, and the green rice is full of life, when the rice is ripe, gold is rattled with a brilliant color. Therefore, it is not surprising that the scaled plots of Vietnam are selected as one of the most beautiful green colors in the world.

Son Doong Cave

Recognized as the world’s largest natural cave, Son Doong Cave is probably the hottest keyword in 2015 with both Vietnam tourism and world travel. Son Doong owns an interesting beauty, especially “rare, hard to find”. The more you dive into Son Doong, the more fossil it reveals with the wild, the mystery of this cave. Inside the cave are the rain forest, fine white sand, and a mysterious plant system.

The beauty of Son Doong has “melted” the hearts of lovers traveling and exploring all over the world. Perhaps so that despite the price up to more than 60 million but the discovery tour of Son Doong cave still makes many people willing to spend money and wished once to visit.

Hai Van Pass

“Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world, like a wonderful wild silk”. Long 23km, located at an altitude of about 500m above sea level, Hai Van Pass crossed the steep slopes of the Truong Son Range and along the East Sea. On the one side is high mountains, one side is deep sea depths, it is difficult not to fall in love with the magnificence of this great pass.

Sandy Hill – Mũi Né

Sandy mud flats in Mui Ne are “background” that many magazines, as well as famous photographers in the world, prefer. Sand dunes here due to ancient iron mines exist hundreds of years of tectonics. Called Sand Bay due to the shape of the sand hill changes hourly, day, month, and no shape. The unique scene between a giant sandy side, like the desert, one side is the sparkling blue sea in the sunlight, making it a popular tourist destination, and the “muse” of many artists.

Can Gio Mangrove Forest

Can Gio mangrove forest has been shortlisted 27 natural wonders in Asia by Smarter Travel, the US tourism site voted. It is one of the ideal eco-tourism destinations, recognized by UNESCO as the Biosphere Reserve of Southeast Asia. Coming to Can Gio, you will be immersed in pristine wilderness, with countless products, enjoying the rustic look, characteristic of mangrove forests with intertwined stalks, stalks, or watching the wings, Cauliflower Wings … hovering under the dark red sunset.

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