Lang Son province always appeals to international tourists because of charming view, welcoming people as well as the region’s culinary specialties. Therefore, visitors usually drop in this land in their Vietnam package Tours.


Let’s discover the traditional cuisine in Lang Son, one of the best destinations in Vietnam.

Khau nhuc

Khau Nhuc, also known as Nam Khau, is a dish originated from ancient China, then it was introduced into Vietnam thanks to the Tay, Nung, and over time has become a specialty specialty food of Lang Son and this dish is commonly served during parties for weddings, funerals, and longevity celebrations of the local ethnic minority tribes, especially Tay and Nung groups. Khau nhuc is a time consuming, methodically prepared dish, with every ingredient needing to be present to truly be called khau nhuc.

So, what is Khau nhuc? this is a kind of braised pork belly seasoned with several kinds of herbs, such as cinnamon, anise, pepper, chili, and basil. Two of the ingredients that are not missed when processing are the leaves of “mac mat”, a local sweet and aromatic plant,  and the second is Tau soi leaves, a pickled herb used by the Tay ethnic minority, is finely chopped and mixed with soy sauce and a special mix of dried spices, and applied to the meat to marinade for 15 minutes.

A combination of roasted pork loin marinated with spices and honey, the flavor, aroma and the texture is what sets the dish apart.

Khau nhuc is served on the plate looking something like an up-ended basket.  All the strips of pork loin are woven together, and cover a core of steamed taro.

Roast duck with ‘moc mat’ leaves     

Coming to Lang, we cannot miss the famous roast duck with its own unique taste that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else.

Duck is part of several different dishes. The residents here prepare various dishes that include duck. Especially in New Year celebration since they believe eating duck will banish bad luck and they will enjoy a lucky New Year.

The most popular dish is duck with sour bamboo shoots. They also stuff “mac mat” fruit inside a suckling duck to bring out its flavor.

Roasted duck and pork are two other popular dishes of the Nung and other ethnic groups in Lang Son, Cao Bang, and Bac Can province. The mouth-watering, glossy skin is produced by dipping the duck in boiling water laced with honey, roasting it over coals for 15 minutes and then deep-frying for another 15 minutes.

Cooked whole and served carved into pieces, the meat it juicy and tender and has a spicy kick to it. The thin, crispy skin does not have a fatty feel to it because of the unique three-stage cooking process.

This roast duck from Lang Son is surely the equal of its more famous cousins from across the border.

Rice wine

The ethnic groups living here grow both regular rice and glutinous rice. Steamed rice is the main food in the daily meal, which also includes wild vegetables and beans. In the summer they often have porridge for lunch. Apart from that, they use rice to make wine called “Rice wine”.

Rice wine is also always part of a festival, wedding, funeral, or birthday party.

The Tay, Nung, and Thai groups in Northern provinces drink wine with their arms intertwined to show they will remain close to each other forever.

If you have a chance to visit Lang Son, the mountainous northeastern province with majestic mountains and spectacular passes, in addition to the famous specialty food, do not forget to enjoy the typical snacks abundant here.

All of these scrumptious dishes are attractive enough for everyone to make a Lang Son food tour which is equally interesting as Hanoi food tours.

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