It is not only an important traffic road but also the image, the symbol of revolutionary spirit in building socialism and defending Vietnam. Today, this road is considered as the most beautiful road in Vietnam. This is one of the Best destination in Vietnam.

Evidence of a legend

The Happiness Road began to be built on September 10, 1959, with a length of about 200 km, from Ha Giang through Dong Van stone plateau and Ma Phuong peak to Meo Vac. It was formed by the hands of more than 1,300 volunteers from 6 provinces of Viet Nam and two delta provinces (Nam Dinh, Hai Duong) and more than 1,000 people of 16 ethnic groups on the rocky plateau for 7 years.

The Road was built with extremely rudimentary equipment such as hoes, shovels, sledgehammers, crowbar, wheelbarrow … in extremely difficult working conditions. In spite of the lack of food and water, the harsh climate of the highlands, thousands of people still continued building this road.

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After the completion of the road, the road was named “Happiness”. A happiness from the blood and bones of thousands of workers and young volunteers. It is not only “happiness” by the effort to make the road which thanks to, thousands of people in Ha Giang are no longer isolated; all aspects of life such as education, health, schools, electricity, water and people’s lives are gradually growing. It is a way to brighten the future of many children now and forever.

The attractive destinations

Visiting the Happiness Road, you will have a chance to experience a number of beautiful tranquil places.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

This is known as the most beautiful stretch of road stone plateau. You will have wonderful emotions when you stand on this pass, where one side is the rocky monumental mountain and others is narrow abyss with the Nho Que River bending like a silk. You can see a thousand layers of gray mountains and the white of cloud. Especially, there is the cliff protruding over Ma Pi Leng Pass, where you can feel the immense grandeur of the mountains and forests of the northern border.

Dong Van old town

The old town lies in the middle of the valley with rocky mountains surrounding it. The old town includes 40 rooftops nestled under the rocky mountains. In the evening, the old town is peace and quiet. If you come to the old town on the 14th, 15th, 16th lunar month, you will see an old town very different with the red lantern. Besides, there are some activities such as brocade display, folk performances, and selling the traditional food of ethnic groups.

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